Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last Blog on Weight Loss Ever!

After reading different perspectives on Tara's post about losing weight, it inspired me to write about it as well. As someone who has coached quite a few through the weight loss process, I can say without hesitation that if it was just about calories in versus calories out, we'd all be slender and there would be no such thing as a weight problem. Only it's way more complex than that.

Tara mentioned attributes such as lack of discipline, self control and motivation and on the surface, that may appear to be true. However, in my own experience, finding out why there is a perceived lack of discipline, self control etc is probably more important.

When I was 35kg overweight, I remember not liking myself very much, nor liking the reflection that I saw in the mirror. I tried many times half heartedly to lose the weight but would always fail and then add some more. I made my breakthrough by deciding to love myself and accept myself for where I was at that moment. And every time I made a healthier choice, I would tell myself "good job". The only race I had going was within myself.

Katie P has written it more eloquently than I possibly could:

"I embrace the airy fairy concept of choosing to take great care of myself. I observe my thoughts and replace the negative with the positive. I listen to my body and eat food that gives me the most pleasure over the longest time. I move with joy and ease. I do what makes me happy and alive every moment of every day.

There is no time, there is no tomorrow, my life is not a giant countdown clock to the next event, I choose to be happy right now.

Achieving a fit, lean, healthy body is not the measure of success but the by-product of living a life of nurturing self care and self love."

I choose exercise that I really enjoy. Whist I love reading about what goes on at Crossfit, I doubt you'll ever see me there! I love teaching my classes. I love going to the gym to train to be stronger and fitter and faster, rather than so I can have hot legs. My legs look great as a result of pushing myself to be fitter!

There are many paths to weight loss and each way has different meaning attached to it dependent on the person. For example, some who log into Calorieking find themselves becoming possessed by the numbers. Others, like me, find it useful to see that I can really eat a wide variety of food. I use a log when I'm taking a little bit of weight loss action, but for every day lean living, I rely on positive behaviours that reflect the fact that I believe good self care should be of the highest priority (plus with all the running around I've been doing lately, I have little time to log food every day).

Embracing yourself and choosing to bless your body with exercise and foods that you enjoy ( and I now naturally gravitate towards the good for you stuff) is the foundation upon which any lasting weight loss is built. Next time you pass the mirror, rather than telling yourself you're a "fucking fat cow" tell yourself that you love and accept yourself right now in this moment. You'll find it really makes a difference.

I titled this post the last blog on weight loss ever, because even though weight loss can be a worthwhile endeavour, l'm more about about enjoying my fitness and food right now than anything.


Esme said...

Liz, that is such a wonderful post. I have been very guilty of the negativity and the 'fat cow' comments, but what you and Katies are saying is so true. If you don't like or love something, why would you take the best care of it? Es

ss2306 said...

The single most important thing I could ever, ever share with you, with regard to maximizing the health, harmony, and happiness in your life, not to mention expediting the manifestation of your heart's fondest desires, can be summed up in just one word:

Love yourself.

Okay, two words.

The only "fucking fat cow" I see is the one in the paddock eating grass to beef up for me to eat - mindfully!!

Shar said...


KatieP said...

Yay -- the revolution has started ... can you imagine what the world would be like if we all simply loved ourselves and treated ourselves with care ... it's exciting ♥

Kristy said...

I totally agree Liz. I know I am getting good results this time because I now love my body, even when I was 7 kg's heavier and I say it to myself all the time...

Doris's BEHAG journey said...


Your post has been more appealing than those of Katie and Tara - sori guys. I have struggled for 20 years and even when I was my most motivated. But I have totally changed my attitude with myself, my food and my exercise and I am loving it and now getting more results than before! Thanks Liz!

Flea said...

Ok, I'll try cause nothing else seem to work for me!

Valley Girl said...

Great post Liz & so dam true.
I personally have been putting me
1st latley starting with liking me alot lol and the weights coming off little by little every week.

I am not stressing over it at all & if I muck up with a bad choice I just move on & make a better one next meal & dont harbour over it...
so far so good!

I am paying myself more attention now than I have in a long time & it feels Ffffff-ing fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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