Monday, August 31, 2009

Eating Well at Work

I work in a pharmacy (as a pharmacist) every Monday and even though I dispense a lot of drugs, I'm personally more a preventative health kinda gal. Charlotte was discussing this in her blog post this evening, interesting stuff about elevated LDLs - I also have borderline blood cholesterol issues (but my HDL:LDL ratios are excellent) so it will be really interesting to see the results of my next lot of tests - as I'm really continuing to pick up my dietary act. I was feeling a little bit blue about the prospect of another 8 hour day on my feet and making up this rainbow of colours really lifted my spirits.

On the menu today:
Breakfast: oats (rich in beta glucan which can help control blood cholesterol), protein powder and added fibre.
Morning tea: Googie egg on slice of spelt toast. I start work at 10am and don't get to eat lunch until 2pm and this really kept me full and on top of my game.
Lunch: Prawn, coriander and vegetable stirfry with chilli and a smidge of brown rice (experimenting with more starchy carb to keep me feeling full)
Afternoon tea: Tuna salad with balsamic vinegar
Pre dinner: Pumpkin Soup (Homemade) with Cracked Pepper.
Munched on a couple of strawberries as well.
Dinner: Angus fillet steak, small corn cob, steamed greens, blueberries mixed with a little Metabolic Drive.


Looking forward now to seven days pharmacy free and hitting the training hard tomorrow.


KatieP said...

Looks delicious Liz ♥

ss2306 said...


Love the prawn stir-fry. The tuna salad you can have all to yourself (yuk).

Charlene said...

Please enlighten a non-Australian as to what, in heaven's name, is a googie egg? LOL

LizN said...

Hey Char,
A googie egg is either boiled, poached or fried and is runny in the middle (We used to use the term when we were kids but didn't know it was uniquely Aussie).

Kerry W said...

That looks so delish Liz!

Flea said...

That looks really delicions. Wow all in one day? Do you know the Calorie value of each. I'm trying calorie counting at the moment, so far so good, sit's easily on 900 or 1100 per day, can eat way more but I feel full enough. So far 2kg loss.
I don't always comment but be sure I still read and enjoy your blog Liz.

Take care!!