Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What My Legs Feel They Should Look Like!

Had a bit of a bruiser leg training session on Monday and have such bad DOMS that I've been having trouble walking up and down stairs today and think that after all that effort, my legs should look like this. I must confess that my session (by myself) was nowhere near as intense as how Shelley and I train, but I really tried to focus - my glutes are on fire now and my quads are in agony!

I know many fitness enthuiasts love DOMS, but I am not one of them. Being sore makes me cranky, frustrated and irritable. Plus when you have to teach RPM and Bodystep when your legs are shrieking with DOMS, it's just not pretty (I wondered if glutamine acts any faster if you snort it?) . In fact training my legs, isn't up there on favourite fitness things to do. However, I do want to be stronger all over and even though it's not my favourite, I'm glad I made the commitment.

I'm lucky that I've been genetically blessed with powerful legs - looked down on the poor ol' swollen pins and I've got some massive RPM quads going on there. Now to get the glutes to match up!

In other news, the slab for our new house got poured yesterday and today the builders are there with all of the framing. It is amazing to see it coming together so fast - which reminds me that I must get my camera out to take some shots.


Kerry W said...

Yeah Liz...I agree, our legs should look like!
Awesome pic...think I'll pinch that one, thank you very much! My next goal is to get a nice hard, firm butt and thighs, so the pic I think is a great motivational one for sure.

Congrats on the slab going down too. You must be so excited. Can't wait to see the pics. :-)

KatieP said...

There is a DOMs threshold for me -- I like to feel that I've worked but I don't want to be in agony.

I like a wee bit of pain because it lets me know that I've activated the right muscles -- I am happy to have a tender butt after yesterday's lunges and deadlifts because I know that the glute activation skills you taught me are still working.

ss2306 said...

Hmmm snorting L-Glut? Now there's a thought! I'll let you know tomorrow if it works any faster (hehehe.