Thursday, August 20, 2009

A lean lifestyle is a choice

I was having a conversation with myself yesterday that went along the lines of:

"Why not have a mouthful of *insert name of any crap here* just like everyone else. Other people can eat treats so why can't you?"

"Living a fit lifestyle means eating to fuel a fit lifestyle. I don't see where *insert name of any processed crap* fits into the equation."

Needless to say, Vera Sluttinski is looking for a new home somewhere else with her mate Inner Gollum.

Anyone wanting to take on a boarder?

Living fit in the long term is really a lifestyle choice. I'm proud to honour myself with nutritious fare that keeps me on the top of my game!

Training today: Just taught an awesome Step class and now off to teach RPM!


LizN said...

Hey Lady G,

Don't know why your comment won't publish even though I hit "publish" but wanted to say I agree with your sentiments completely.
liz N

Kerry W said...

Sorry...I have posted a sign on my front door..."No 'Vera Sluttinski' or 'Inner Gollum' Allowed!"

Valley Girl said...

Thats so fun Liz...

Vera sluttinski (absolute crackup)
you can keep her lol, she sounds scarey~

verification word: pricksb

sarahz said...

Hi Liz
Did I read in an old blog you had surgery to put your stomach muscles back together. I am interested as I am thinking of doing the same and was just wondering if you did how was it?

Anonymous said...

Ah Liz - you are just gorgeous - Vera seems to be taking on squatters rights - tell her that it's illegal and it's time to f**k off!!! ;)
Let's try this catch up soon ehy? x

Kek said...

Well, thank you VERY MUCH for sending Vera on her way...because she briefly took up residence HERE TODAY.


I've evicted her now...

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