Saturday, August 22, 2009

I think they said...


After feeling rather tired yesterday, I was disappointed to wake up still feeling a bit wiped out and seriously considered asking someone else to teach my Hi Performance class this morning but didn't think any of my RPM mates would enjoy a phone call at 5.30am so decided to press on instead.

I have a pretty ingrained Saturday morning routine - get up at 5am, turn on the computer and organize my mix of music for the morning's classes and review the choreography and think of how I'm going to present the class. Usually I will "theme" it and choose groups of similar or very diverse tracks depending on how I am feeling. Today's workout was all about "escalating strength" (I chose the slower, gruntier tracks for my hill climbs today). I slurp up a cup of tea and this morning made myself down a truckload of water as well. After I organize my RPM stuff, I have a big bowl of oats (but I've now seen a very interesting looking brown rice recipe that may just make a splendid breakfast) and some protein powder and read part of the Saturday papers. Then it is off to Fitness First, to teach my class. All of my classes are special to me in one way or another, but this one is my sentimental favourite.

I'm so glad I decided to teach this morning - up on stage it felt magic and my motivational cues revolved around the fact that a roof panel was missing "you're all riding so well, you're raising the roof! How are your beliefs limiting your potential? (I am a sucker for all of this stuff in a class, and in training) - 63 minutes of pure sweaty blissful endorphins. Aaah!

Got home and had my planned meal. Don't think that fellow even touched the sides. Waited fifteen minutes and still hungry. So I had a yummy piece of spelt toast with some vegemite which hit the spot perfectly. Wasn't on my plan for the day, but here's the thing - your body does not always agree with the plans you have for it. Besides if your hunger is purely physical, there is nothing to regret about fulfilling your needs no matter what you think your plan is.

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Sandra said...

You raise a very valid point about whether your hunger is physical (as opposed to emotional, I take it). I am slowly but surely learning when it's OK to eat "off plan" and when it's just boredom or comfort-craving.
Great post as always.