Thursday, August 06, 2009

Finding Out What Works

I've got a day off today as my poor Miss G has the flu - I've been up most of the night trying to drop her temperature down and consequently I'm rather tired as well. It's a good thing actually as I have been having problems with my left ankle and am hoping that I don't have the beginnings of a stress fracture there (I've been giving the old bod a lot more impact than usual) - I had to cancel my appointment with the physio and yesterday started some rather aggressive antiinflammatory drugs and some ice which has settled it down somewhat today. I will have tomorrow off cardio again and fingers and toes are crossed that Georgia will be well enough so that I can train upper body again tomorrow - unfortunately not looking too promising, but that is life.

Plan is to take all of next week off as we are off to Byron Bay for a week's holiday - then it's back to one Bodystep and 3 RPMs a week which will be just perfect for me. I'm also planning some new strength training stuff in my bid to get stronger - a sixteen week program, broken into 4 distinct blocks of effort. Sixteen weeks is a long time to commit to, but if I can break it down into smaller efforts, I think I may just get there. Now that the Step is scaling back to once a week, I should be able to start training my lower bod - not sure if I'm looking forward to that or not!

I've also been thinking a bit about the best way of learning what works for me in terms of staying lean and fit. The only way to find out is to try different approaches - some will work really well, others will be a bit "meh" (thanks Carolyn!) and others will fail spectacularly.

So here's my list:
What works:
*eating mostly Paleo style with one serve of grains per day (usually oats, quinoa, rice or potato)
*having a few non Paleo meals across the week - I really love having a protein bar every few days and a bit of natural yoghurt
*high fat, high protein meals are sometimes excellent as a treat meal and keep me feeling full for hours
*high carb meals feel great if I'm carb depleted
*making sure I don't let myself ever get too hungry or too full (achieving this state is a real art)
*staying connected with my emotional state and asking myself before I eat something "is there some other way of dealing with "x problem" that would make me feel better than eating something?"
*positive thinking and reinforcement (I tell myself "good job", every time I make an eating decision that honours my body rather than abuses it).

What doesn't work:
*highly processed wheat based products (I have the swollen joints and skin rash to prove it)
*highly processed sugary/fatty junk food (I am no different to the rest of the human population)
*not keeping my emotions in check
*negative thinking
*letting myself get too hungry
*listening to my "Inner Gollum/Vera Sluttinski" rather than my voice of prevaling sanity.


Kerry W said...

That's the exciting part Liz. Trying different approaches to see what works. It's all part of the fun, and I think it's important to have an idea of what you want to be. It's great to see that you do try different things and you're still pursuing worthwhile (what ever that is for you) goals, and walking your talk. :-)

Kek said...

My list is remarkably similar... and it's great to be able to experiment without fear.

Too many people stay stuck in a rut, afraid to change anything, even though what they're doing clearly isn't working.

The worst that can happen is that your experiment fails and you have to find a new theory to test. That's half the fun!

Hope your stint as Florence Nightingale is short-lived.

Sandra said...

Hope Miss Georgia gets better soon, Liz. Had a similar situation a couple of weeks ago when our Miss Cassie came down with a nasty virus...nothing you can do though, little girls want their mummies and we can get back into the training when they're all better.