Friday, August 21, 2009

You're stronger than you think!

I couldn't resist throwing another Bionic Woman picture in for today's post as I had a cracker of a training session and am feeling, well, rather bionic.

Today's workout included push presses, pull ups (with a little band lovin'), push ups and one armed rows. I've mentioned it before that the beauty of having a great training partner is that they often have more confidence in your ability to lift heavy weights than you do. I honestly thought that I wouldn't squeak out any more than a 17.5kg row, but I was pushed to 20kg and surprised myself with 5 reps (getting a tad sloppy towards the end though!). Then we reflected on how such simple exercises, when executed with good technique, such as cable external shoulder rotations and side BOSU planks could make two strong girls cry!

So, here I am, bathing in a sea of blissful endorphins waiting for my friend, "Mr Doms" (or "Domsy" for short) to arrive. I'm sure that I'll be feeling the effects of this workout tomorrow morning! In my state of bliss, I'm reflecting now on what makes being a fitness junkie so much fun.

After teaching a cracker RPM class in the CBD yesterday as well as Bodystep at Indro (which I felt was also quite good), I decided that what I love about teaching so much and fitness in general is that you never stop improving, that every workout you do is a chance to be better, fitter, faster or stronger - or even just mentally tougher (I'm thinking of Track Six, "Lbby Haba" yesterday!). After today's strength training session, I'm feeling that same enjoyment and the improvements we're making are translating into small changes in our physiques - I was blown away by how Shelley's back was looking on Tuesday and I felt that my shoulders were looking like two little boulders today... Weird, even though I look at myself whilst I'm training, I don't look closely.

ll happy on the nutrition front as well, inspired by Katie, I've ditched the Diet Coke as well. I go through phases with this - sometimes I don't drink it at all for a bit, but when I start again, it soon escalates into more than a can a day - so out it goes. Plus with the next house payment due any day it's something I can ill afford anyway.


Kerry W said...

Still lovin' reading about your workouts, and gosh I love your attitude..."every workout you do is a chance to be better, fitter, faster or stronger.." Love it! :-)

(he..he..I'm spreading lots of 'love' around ATM)

ss2306 said...

Strong bitches rule!!

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

I'm EXACTLY the same when it comes to Diet Coke. Geez I love it (every gal's gotta have a bit of dirt in their diet)but I often go months without having it. Then I'll have some and be back onto a can a day until it gets ditched again. Never say never is my motto.



Broken YoYo said...

I'm with you on the external shoulder rotation, it's so much harder for me than the interal one! Love doing them though, together with dumbbell lateral and front raises as I know they're helping stabilise my dodgy rotator cuffs!!

your workouts sound fab, I love side planks, though never done them on a bosu before, it's hard enough for me doing bent armed ones on the floor - still feeling it in my obliques from my core session on tuesday!!