Wednesday, August 05, 2009

There is No Negotiation!

Oooh, I'm feeling the DOMS love today. Yesterday Shelley helped me with my training at Fitness First Jindalee and my lats and triceps are on fire today. I'm slowly making more progress across the board with my overall strength - have even progressed to holding a weight between my knees as I do bodyweight tricep dips (see pic ). I did pretty well, knocking out 2 sets of 8 with the weight. I turned to Shelley and said, "how about we just take the weight away for the last set?"

As soon as I had uttered that sentence, I knew that my timing had not been the best.

"There is no negotiation!" she said. Indeed, there wasn't! I managed to power through 4 more reps with weight and then polished myself off quite thoroughly to failure. That is the beauty of having someone to push you when you think you can't possibly get another rep in.

Rolled over in bed this morning, my lats are on fire. It's such a great feeling to be pushing the boundaries in the strength department.

Today though has been all about cardio - taught Bodystep this morning - very enjoyable and I worked really really hard (must be because I haven't done any cardio since last Saturday!) - again, you get so much more out of your workout when you give your body appropriate time to recover.


ss2306 said...

And lovin' it!!

You're a machine!!

Friday said...

You. did. Whaaaaaaaat??

Inspiring stuff.