Monday, September 01, 2008

small progress

Busy day here in my world - six clients and an RPM all before 1pm - no wonder I'm tired! I made the commitment to train today - my big goal at the moment is to put back all the muscle I've lost on my right shoulder - so today I tackled my physio exercises with gusto and really tried to do what I can. I can do push ups on a bench almost pain free which is pretty exciting, but I had to demonstrate a bench press today and pretty much winced in pain. I'll have to forgo the old Olympic bar for a broomstick for awhile.

I have had a productive day - although I did have a few moments of rummaging in my bag at Lorna Jane today - I bought myself a new gym bag, so hopefully with this one it won't be as much of an issue. I got my training in and I've scheduled my own training in tomorrow. Legs!

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Michelle K said...

I feel every moment of your shoulder recovery and winced as you described your benching experience.

I found dumbells, with my elbows narrower, a great stepping stone to getting back to benching. Keep at it and you'll be great in no time!