Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keep on coming back to it

Finding the balance and what works for you... and hesitating to post on this blog because sometimes I feel as if I have to uphold a reputation as the most balanced one of all....which isn't true as I have been finding out.

First of all there has been the major surgery, then the shoulder injury, now the knee and added to that, starting a pretty much full time job, managing my business and looking after my family. There's been no time for myself in there whatsoever. Added to that has been my illfated carb cycling experience (unfortunately rather than paddling the right way, I've been going around in circles. I've done some goofy things like go to my coaching appointment two weeks early. When I write down what I've been doing and look at it, I want to hang my head in shame because I can't believe I've been dumb. If I was giving the moron above some advice it would be to step back and reprioritize what is important to them. I don't expect anyone to adhere to such a ridiculous timetable, so why am I doing it to myself? My day starts at 4.45am and finishes at 9.30pm where I collapse into bed and can't sleep because I'm so darned wired that I'm going to forget something important.

However what this whole debarcle is teaching me is what is working and what is not. I *think* I know which direction I want to head in, but I'm not giving too much away in case I change my mind. I'm not giving up my coaching however, just working on making a few changes to make life a bit easier.

My first goal is to turn the canoe back in the right direction for a start. I have done well with prepping all of my meals but the trouble starts for me when I come home and I could devour a small pony. Prepping a big salad in advance helps but I don't always feel like salad - so nailing the pony situation is my first step in getting the canoe back in order. Second step is to keep persisting with the shoulder rehab and to do my best and forget the rest. Third step is booking that long overdue pilates assessment to help me get my ab function back.

My next step is bed :)


Tara said...

ok I just about had heart failure for a sec there!! Thought u were going to say u give up coaching, NOOOOOOOOOOO I would be lost without u Liz.

You almost need someone to control your diary, book a little less, slot in some you time, some family time and make u stick to it - lol i am picturing Shelley holding ur diary in one hand and a cattle prod in the other one saying, No you are now having 'you time'.

Hope u can get some decent sleep tonight. Looking forward to seeing you in 3 sleeps time ;o)

Tara xx

Magda said...

Liz thanks for posting so honestly and making us mere mortals feel like there is hope for us yet.



Kek said...

Mmm, a small pony.... perhaps that's what I needed tonight. :p

Good luck with the balance thing. I'm still working on it. First it swings one way, then the other. If we can... just... hold... it... steady. *sticks tongue out to help concentration*

SeLiNa said...

I hope you can sort through everything Liz. My thoughts are with you - I hope you come to the best decision for you :)
It may not feel like it when you're in so deep, but you will see the light, sooner rather than later I hope for your sake.
Don't burn out Missy!!!!!!!!!! :)
You need to look after you first :)

RaeC said...

I hope you do find balance soon sweetheart. It will be of no use to the clients you think so much of if you are falling in an exhausted heap. You must take care of you too xxx