Monday, September 29, 2008

The Backstage Slapper

Finally beginning to recover from the weekend! Saturday was huge. This ANB show definitely had a different feel from last year's show- I think it may have been that it was at Southport, not at the Tivoli. There were some outstanding competitors and excellent routines( I have to mention Raechelle's routine here which was amazing ), but there were also many competitors there who weren't "quite ready". To know when you're ready is a tough call, particularly if you don't have an experienced coach or mentor - hats off to everyone though who did make the effort to get up there and compete!

Next weekend I am looking forward to the INBA show on Saturday ( Tara and Gil) and then flying down to Melbourne for the ANB (Kerryn, Charlotte and Miss C who as far as I am aware isn't a blogger which is why she shall remain anonymous for now. Shall we say I am looking forward to a big weekend of backstage booty slapping....hee hee.


ss2306 said...

Me too looking forward to slappin' some skin with ya sista!

Carbs are a girls best friend - besides diamonds of course!

Kek said...

And we're all looking forward to having our booties slapped by the Coach... :o)

Hilary said...

Sounds like you've got a full-on weekend ahead, enjoy that back-stage booty slapping!

Hilary xx