Thursday, October 09, 2008

Huge Weekend

Wow what a weekend - and to think we're nearly at the beginning of the next one.

Hmm - where to start - Saturday...

Taught RPM HiPerformance and then it was off to the Sleeman Centre at Chandler for the INBA Qld Championships where Tara and Gil competed and did us all proud - Tara placed 3rd and got her ticket to the Nationals - great job Tara and Miss Shelley did an amazing job getting Gil ready for her moment on stage. Gil came fourth but was just amazing on stage - it was just a shame that everyone did not get to see her routine - it was unreal (Gil has a dance background so you can imagine how good it would have been).
It was also fantastic to catch up with so many friends at the show - this is the best bit for sure, getting Dream Tan all over you and socializing!

Then it was on the plane to Melbourne Saturday night and I got to bed at 2am - then up at 7 for a walk around the Treasury gardens which was a great eye opener, followed by a quick breakfast - then it was time to transfer to the Ibis where I met up with Amanda - we caught a tram out to the show and Kek kindly picked us up and took us to the venue in her little black car (perfect for when you're brown and wearing Dream Tan) - bought some Deli Rolls from Maccas on the way for lunch and then met Lindy ( ) at the venue - Lindy compered the show and did a fantastic job, no doubt aided by my stealthy supply of food and Pepsi Max to keep her going - the show went until 10pm and it was the biggest show (apart from INBA nats ) that I have ever seen.

I eventually got out the back to see Charlotte who looked stunning in her blue bikini and Miss Caryn who got the fastest coating of Dream Tan from me that I think I've ever done - she was surprised when I told her she was looking a bit flat and shoved copious amounts of jellybeans at her (kind of reminded me of an excavator moving lots of dirt in a specific direction) - she was just amazing on stage and got harder and harder the more she posed. She came a very credible 5th out of 14 competitors in Figure Novice but the best news was that she WON the INBA Figure Novice Division on the Saturday - yay Caryn! Charlotte also competed in this event and although she didn't place she looked fantastic and also got harder as she posed and did her routine. Caryn is the pink INBA cover girl!

Then after a little while it was Kerryn's turn to shine up on stage - she totally nailed the prep beautifully and came in 0.1kg lighter than I had predicted she needed to be. The funniest part in the afternoon was her asking me if it was "OK to have a Lindor ball" - yeah, sister - you gotta love a Lindor ball before you hit the stage. I got to meet Sara ( ) as well who did an admirable job being Kerryn's backstage slapper and I also helped Wendy with her tanning and pumping up. The hardest part was working out the timing - the show ran really late and often the competitors had pumped up only to have to re-pump (that sounds hilarious) later on.

Then it was off to Lygon Street for some well deserved Indian with Lindy, Kerryn, Amanda, Sara and partner Jason. Then Lindy, Amanda and I collapsed into bed - Amanda and I trained at Fitness First in the morning, whilst Lindy caught up on a bit of shut eye.

There's more to come but that's most of the weekend covered. The worst part was coming home and having my car break down in the middle of the city - I became one of those pests you hear about on the radio blocking traffic in peak hour! Finally got home at 10pm last night and posting this at 5.30am this morning. Have missed blogging and hope to blog later today.


Kek said...

It was great to have you there in person, Coach - you were so relaxed about the whole thing, which made me a lot calmer (a big achievement, trust me!). Caryn really was awesome and deserved a higher placing on Sunday (my totally unbiased opinion. LOL)

Another successful comp season for you, and well-deserved. Thanks again for your spot-on guidance through the past 12 months. I'm looking forward to doing it all again next year.

Hope the Lindor Balls made it home OK.... ;o)

stephmd said...

Fantastic rundown Liz! Great for someone like me who wished they had been there...
sorry to hear about your car, hope the prob with it was not too serious.

Splice said...

Well done with the awesome girls in Melbourne!
I guess this means I get to see you again at the Nationals?