Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Going to be a Step Diva!

I have to teach Bodystep on Saturday, my first class in six months or so. It's definitely going to be a bit of a challenge with my knee (patellar tracking issues) and my shoulder (about 80% healed but not there yet) but I think that I'll be able to manage. I'm going to teach Release 71 (pictured), work on my knee (this will involve more glute work and quad/hip flexor stretching) and enjoy it.

Apart from that I've been head down, tail up doing the PT thing, answering emails and the like. I taught RPM yesterday but forgot my cycle shoes which was a bit of a blow - once you move to cleated shoes, you never turn back! Also got a bit of glute focused X trainer in and this morning spent 30 minutes on the X trainer (hard) , 10 minute run @ 11km/hr (focusing on toe off) and 30 minutes of stretching/foam rollering and glute activation work. Tomorrow I will be attacking the upper body and teaching RPM, this time with my cycle shoes firmly in tow. I will use "Carolyn Mix" again tomorrow morning, who doesn't love waking up to Acca Dacca at 6 in the morning?

On the weight front my canoe has hit some turbulence going upstream, namely I think I may have PMS - I'm always hungrier when the little beastie strikes, though the treat meal induced spike I had on Monday went away and I was left with a win this morning of 0.1kg down. My goal is to get to 0.4kg or 0.5kg this week as PMS/TOM is around so keeping this in the back of my mind, I'm going to be realistic about what the scale may say. Definitely feeling smaller - my amazingly unflattering Fitness First pants are a bit looser again today (or maybe it's been demonstrating all of those box squats ...lol)

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stephmd said...

Great work Liz!
Several small wins in a row equals nice results ;)
ahh, i have missed step too!