Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend musings

Decided to shove this photo in there of me at my first comp - I've always been lucky to be able to pull out the legs when I need to!

However, I'm nowhere near that condition right now and rightfully so! Though I have made mention of sticking my paddle in a little more vigorously. This week, as I predicted last week was a tough one - overall scale loss amounted to 0.3kg due to wildly fluctuating levels due to TOM and PMS. By Thursday, at the peak of things I had logged a 1.5kg gain over my previous low for the week but on Saturday morning had lost the 1.5kg and a smidge more to put me at a new low for the week. I had my treat meal last night, but haven't spiked as high as last week, which is telling me there's a loss on the cards sometime this week. When you know exactly what is going on with the scale, there's no need to attach any emotion to the number that is reflected back at you. On Thursday morning I was more like "wow, check out that spike (you little ripper...crikey!)!" rather than "I'm such a fat pig!" - though I was thinking I was looking a little puffy.

What I've really nailed home this week is the importance of having a proper treat meal - on Thursday I had a Skinny Cow and really didn't feel very satisfied (no offence to all the SC lovers out there, but I've discovered SC doesn't do it for me) - so yesterday I had a Double Chocolate Icecream with 2 Kit Kat sticks and felt like I'd done my Dirtiest Diana for the week properly. Yummo!

Today has been a rather mixed day emotionally for me after the high of teaching Step yesterday - my Inner Gollum has been playing on my mind and being a bit of a "mad monkey" but I've told him "to leave here and never come back" - Gollum comes out to play when I've got too much work to do and too little time or when I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything. So I've had a bit of computer time, polished off about 3 cups of Salad and Turkey mmmm... and am ready to get stuck into it!

DOMS Report: Oddly enough, not a lot of lower body DOMS going on, except for my calves - however my upper body waited 48 hours to come to the party! I am feeling faint DOMS in my glutes when I sit down, so I should be in full swing by tomorrow...thanks Shelley!


ss2306 said...

Hehehe - you CAN hear me laughing can't you?

One thing at a time remember and work your way through the list of need to do now and can wait till tomorrow!

Kek said...

Nah, Skinny Cow doesn't ring my bell either. A half-arsed treat meal never seems to be as satisfying as something really dirty. :p

stephmd said...

Agree as well, my dirty diana meals have no time for lo fat, lo sugar/modified recipe anything- only the real thing satisfies!

ps love the photo but watcha doing comparing yourself now to comp condition!?

pps sorry i haven't replied to your email yet- will soon!

Shannon said...

You really do know how to eat good quality food - even when it comes to your treat meal! Quality all the way baby!! Hope you having a good week and got rid of Gollum for good. xx