Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Busy Week and Report Card

Another busy week up here in the world of Chez Liz - I'm going to take a leaf out of Miss Katie's book and write about my week based as a Performance Review.
Monday: After wanting to give the scale a swift kick on Sunday, I was returned to my previous week's low on Monday morning. I'm usually not one for talking about what is going on with my scale weight every day but as I've written previously I've had to whack the paddle back in after my small flirt with carb cycling (after 5kg flew on to be exact - and 5kg that has nothing to do with water or glycogen..hmmm). I committed to eating really well but "dirty diannaed" it with a can or two of Pepsi Max and I'm sure a Slim Secrets bar may have popped in there as well.
Had three clients, RPM and a whole lot of online work to do. Put in the most serious upper body training session I have done for seven odd months. Did four big boy push ups! (watch out Shelley!)

Tuesday: Woke up to another scale moment the next morning. Not moving, not one iota! Look at myself in the mirror. Put on my flattering (not!) work pants - swear the butt area is feeling roomier. Train seven clients from 6am through until 1pm - decide that today I'm going to get more incidental exercise in and I do some errands around Indro, walking briskly the whole way.

Wednesday: Down 0.4kg this morning...whoosh! Aaah, that feels much better. Log my CK for a client to look at. Haven't logged in ages. Surprised by how much I'm putting away whilst paddling - a few hundred cals more than my usual comp level..good stuff. Teach a good RPM class - as usual start off feeling uncomfortable and am in my element by Track 3. Have my coaching call - learning to be on the end where I'm not dishing out any thoughts is hard but learn something about myself - I can be nervous about defining what I want for myself.
Spend the day doing lots of online work and have dinner with good friends...yeah!

Thursday: Another big whoosh this morning - another 0.3kg - that's 0.7kg for the week, spot on! Five clients today, including having a training session with Miss D - this was great fun - it's always so inspiring training people who already have a burning passion to go places - so I'm looking forward to seeing what the next month brings there. Visited Louise my physio in the middle of it all - she reckons my shoulder is moving the best it has, but I'm still winging around my inferior scapula border - yes, more serratus work for me - hard yakka. She also taught me a few new cues to do "clams" - all I can say is "wow"...I have learned so much.
Got home starving and had to take girls to swimming lessons - shall we say that being hungry and tired is not the best combination - lesson learned is to refuel before going out!
Have a really good chat to Shannon (not only my client but my good friend and personal stylist!) - it's always so nice to catch up with friends.

Friday: Scale up 0.4kg - pants are baggier and suspect that the jump is real carb bloat - train today on the elliptical and do 10 minutes of rowing intervals. Then 30minutes of pilates and rehab on my own. Really feel like giving the bench press a good smash...sigh and say "your time will come!" Train six clients around my training. Go home and email Shelley - "when are you coming home? " and start to prepare tomorrow's RPM class - Motley Crue is definitely going to be on the playlist for someone I know!

Saturday: National Titles and Centrality Course - I've planned ahead and will have all my meals prepped and will get the opportunity to see whether the carb bloat has left the building. Look for a Nationals report early next week :)

Summary: Like Katie, I like to know WHY and pilates/rehab bores me to tears - however, I do feel better afterwards so I will keep going. Having fun with the scale and enjoying the journey back. As an experiment I'm not logging my food and I'm relying more on intuition - at some point I will probably need to keep closer tabs on the intake but basically I'm following the guidelines I give all my clients and I'm nearly 3kg lighter for it. 2-3 km (I mean kg) to paddle!


ss2306 said...

Home Sunday arvo and looking forward to canoeing again!!

Shannon said...

Wahoo, for the 3kg loss!! Hope you had a good weekend. PS - Love the pic - what a spunky pair (lol) said...

Hmm...Pilates bores me to tears too, but you've inspired me to give it another shot. Love your blog - great stuff!