Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still selling

I also have this DVD for sale - all the DVDs I sell are shrink wrapped but I had to unwrap this one as the DVD was rattling around inside. This is brand new and plays well - probably one of my favourite Cathe DVDs and one that I used extensively in Woop Woop pre and post comp. I usually sell it on my site for $58.00 but I will part with it for $40.00.

I will post the description below......that's it for selling anything for now! Paperwork up to date today and everything is now sorted!

You canemail me

if you're interested. Sheesh, this has got to be better than Ebay , wink wink


Supersets is a unique 53 minute full body weight training program that incorporates a series of exercises that are grouped by varying body parts and performed in rounds. While this may not be the traditional association that many are used to with supersetting, superset training is also classified as doing two or more exercises at a given time with little or no rest between exercises (or sets). Round One, Group A, consists of the following body part and exercise:
Legs...........barbell squats
Legs/Back...barbell deadlifts
Chest..........barbell bench press
Shoulders....dumbbell front/side raise on stability ball
Core............wood chops on the stability ball

Round One, Group B, repeates the body parts but uses different exercises:
Legs...........barbell plie' squats
Back...........dumbbell pullovers on the stability ball
Chest..........dumbbell incline fly on stability ball
Shoulders....dumbbell rotator cuff side raises on stability ball
Core...........roll outs on the stability ball (no weight)

Round Two, Group A, consists of the following body parts and exercises:
Legs..........dumbell one leg squat
Shoulders...dumbbell seated overhead press
Biceps........barbell preacher curls on the stability ball
Triceps.......dumbbell extensions on the stability ball maneuver

Round Two, Group B, repeats the body parts but uses different exercises:
Legs..........explosive lunges (no equipment)
Shoulders...dumbbell rear and front delt raises prone on stability ball
Biceps........dumbbell concentration curls on the stability ball
Triceps.......seesaw tricep push ups (no weights)
Core...........side oblique crunches on the stability ball

Because the specific exercises themselves only do one set without repeating, you are encouraged to go as heavy as you can with good form. Of course the first few workouts will take some practice since you will not know exactly what weight will bring you to fatigue by the end of the set. Many exercises also contain a non-traditional set (ie: up 4 down 4, low ends, lunge forward lunge back then jump for 4 etc.)
The music is fun and recognizable. Here is a list of the songs: On and On Somewhere, Somehow I'm Glad Don't you just know Whats Up Golden Eye You are not alone Unbreak My Heart This ain't no love song Eternal Flame

Push Pull

Push Pull is a 45 minute total body workout which features many new and refreshing exercises to keep your muscles stimulated in new ways. The focus of this workout is to promote muscle balance as well as strength and endurance gains through exercise variety and balance challenges. We use the stability ball quite a bit in this workout to create this added balance challenge which in turn promotes even greater muscle recruitment. It's important to point out that when using a stability ball you should use a lighter weight than you typically would for a given exercise since the unstable environment makes the muscles work harder to stabilize. As your body gets acclimated this "wobbly" environment you'll find that you are able to gradually increase your weights again.

The soundtrack to this workout is filled with soft rock classics. Here is a list of the songs:

Walking In Memphis
Our Friends Are Electric
Breakfast at Tiffany's
In The Living Years
Sleeping Sattelite
This ain't a love song

Keep in mind that for muscle balance we are doing one muscle group then the opposing muscle group. In most cases this is anterior (front) and posterior (back) but when it comes to shoulders we have both anterior (front delt) and posterior (rear delt) as well as superior (mid/top delt) and inferior (lats) which are directly beneath them.

The exercises for Push Pull are as follows:

Barbell Squats (legs with focus on quads)
Deadlifts (legs with focus on glutes/hamstrings)
Static lunge with heel lifted (legs with focus on quads)
Leg Press (legs with focus on glutes/hamstrings)
Bench press on ball (chest)
Deadrows (back)
flys on ball (chest)
Y's on ball (thats the Push Pull picture where we had our arms going back with thumbs up...for upper back)
Inverted shoulder press on high step (top/mid delt)
One arm row (back/lats which are beneath shoulders)
Front raise on ball (front shoulder)
Rear delt raise on ball (back shoulder)
Bicep curls with ball (biceps)
Slow Dips/immediately to kickbacks (tricep)
Outer thigh on ball
Inner thigh with ball
Superman on ball (low back)
Crunches with ball (abdominals)
Calve raises
Tibialis Anterior w/ball (shins)
Full Body Stretch

You may initially find this workout to be easier since you are learning to make adjustments for the new variety, but once you have worked through this, form and concentration is of the utmost importance for optimal muscle recruitment. Feel free to add sets to any of the exercises for an even greater challenge.The DVD version will offer premixes with multiple set options.


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