Sunday, September 07, 2008

Feeling Better!

Taught my RPM class this morning and thrashed it for Father's Day. I was able to stop and have breakfast with Hubs and the girls which was really nice - the best part about Father's Day is seeing the homemade gifts that the girls make for Hubs - really very beautiful.

Feeling much better as I've done a bit of organizing, some writing (I am writing an article about squatting for Ultrafit magazine) and some general housekeeping. Better than nothing. Have scheduled my workouts for the week - am still trying to do something about the TEN appointments I have on Thursday - I will work out, no matter what!


Kek said...

TEN?? I have an exercise for you that will help with having too much on your plate:

Turn your head to the left. Now turn your head to the right. Repeat vigorously, while opening your mouth and saying NO very firmly.


Tara said...

As a child, I always thought that my mum and dad thought our handmade pressies were crap. But being a parent now myself, I love them. They are straight from the heart.

omg @ ur day on thursday, that is HUGE!!! lol @ kek's exercise for you ;o)


Michelle said...

Glad you're feeling better. I can totally understand the juggling act but I'm with Kek, sometimes you need to say no.

Splice said...

LOL to what Kek said hee hee.

Glad your feeling better and I look forward to reading your article on squatting in the Ultrafit mag!

Deb xx