Saturday, September 06, 2008

One of those days!

Am having one of those days where I'm completely and utterly exhausted, where it feels like nothing is going right and I'm about to lose the plot. I know that underneath it all, I'm still trying to negotiate the balance between working, running my online business, doing my own workouts (sanity savers) and being a wife and mother (oh and having some down time in there as well).

I'm going to spend the day tomorrow working and getting organized. I had thought of ditching RPM but if I do that I am ditching my one sanity saver. But my plan is to do something else afterwards, have a steam and recover.


Kek said...

Know just how you feel...


Enjoy your RPM class tomorrow!

Maryanne said...


if only there were duplicates of us for our kids, partners, clients etc.

... like Kek - so know this feeling.

Hugs to you. have a good ride and spin away all those worries.


Magda said...

sounds like the 11 months of my comp prep last year (just different things to take up the time). Hang in there Liz. You'll get it right

:-) Magda

Loraine Guy said...

You know I only de-lurk occasionally.... I have been struggling with balance after recently taking on my PT role at FF here on the GC. I teach 9-10 scheduled pump and RPMs and what with all the PT clients, prep, follow-up while being wife, mum and kindy taxi I totally relate. Hang in there - I finally feel like it is settling into a groove - that said I am heading off to NZ on hols for a week on Weds. Just remember to breathe ! Have you seen the flyer for the Rehab Trainer course being run in Lutwyche 11-12 & 25-26 Oct discounted for FF PTs ? Only because you seem that way inclined - I am considering it as I have by default picked up a large number of "rehab" clients.

MISS TANK said...

Hmmmm do they prescribe these? HAHAHA

Glad you smashed it this morning Liz, I went again to Spin today and i can put hand on heart and say "i am getting addicted" LOVE SPINNING!!!