Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feeding the pony!

Checking in to let everyone know that hungry ponies enjoy chopped up veggies and hommus!

After blogging about my little balance conundrum yesterday, I am pleased to report I've had a much better day. BTW, thank you for all the supportive comments - helps me to know I'm not alone!
Here's how it went:
0600am: Train preg client - enjoyed training her and will help her throughout the duration of her preg.
0630am: Train Client 2 who has long history of shoulder/neck issues. Our term was for a month and was delighted to hear how much more mobile and better she is feeling..a win!
7.15am: Train Client 3 who is a gorgeous Uni Student - gave her a great workout .
8.00am: Regular 8am client cancelled, is under the weather. Had a talk to one of the other trainers about overseeing his client for a comp prep. Should be good fun.
8.45am: Triple Pack Client who is a cyclist - did lots of Core/lower body stuff and she bought an 8 week training program and PT session from me.
9.30am: Client cancellation due to docs appointment. Happy because that meant I could train-
DO a sweaty walk (due to quad soreness no running) and shoulder rehab/upper body - NAIL a push up on my TOES (on a slight incline, but nevertheless...a pushing exercise that doesn't cause pain)
10.55am - Dash across to Lorna Jane where I meet Maryanne (see sidebar) for the first time - she's buying clothes for her photo shoot with Dallas and she's better looking than her blogger profile suggests - and is sporting a lean and mean body!
11am: Quad/glute massage with Kim - loosened a bit more, but still some to go!
12.30pm: Second TP with male client who is looking to build muscle - had an excellent session working posterior chain -client signed up as a regular.
1.15pm: Last client of day - regular who I have been working with for a few weeks - good stuff.
2.00pm: walk out the door, buy some groceries for dinner and veggies for tomorrow and wisely have a Slim Secrets bar before coming home to square off with the pony.
3.00pm onwards - try to catch up with everyone's emails, read blogs and admire Tara's legs - if you haven't been over to her blog - go and send her a compliment.


Jehanne said...

sheesh - and I complain about my busy schedule!!!!!!!!!!

Splice said...

I don't know how you do it Liz, gosh your busy!!
See you tomorrow at the comps.

Michelle said...

I'm cheering for every pushup! I know the feeling :)