Friday, September 19, 2008


Busy busy busy and still trying to find that balance! I am sitting here with my diary marking out the time that I will be able to train myself next week and icing a tender left knee (don't know where that came from!) .

I think I may have mentioned before but that is what I am finding the hardest part of this job. I cannot believe how quickly my week fills with appointments - I've found myself booking over my training times but that is going to stop as of next week. My training is still pretty limited with my shoulder injury but I've been able to rehab it to the point now where I can do push ups on my knees which is pretty exciting and I'm even doing some cable work with the Paramount trainer. So instead of feeling despondent about things, I should actually focus on the fact that three weeks ago I could not do a push up without being in excruciating pain. I've demoed exercises to Shelley and been blown away when I haven't had any pain.

I can still run, bike but not swim....I will get better, I will stay positive!

On a completely different note, I've been back on the asparagus train - it's super cheap here and today I had two bunches with chicken breast for morning and arvo tea.

And on another completely different note - it's definitely competition time for a few of my clients with talk of Contest Colour, bikinis, posing and routine figuring in a lot of our emails. I just love doing the coaching thing and being a backstage slapper at a comp - I just don't like how I go out in sympathy with some of the girls and go for one jelly snake too many!


Kek said...

LMAO @ "Backstage Slapper"!!

Anonymous said...

Does eating asparagus make your pee stink to high heaven, mine does? LOL!! :o)

ms_attitude said...

LOL too at the Backstage 'slapper' heheee
just what do you look like backstage to call yourself that?