Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Potential Payback!

It turns out that my sore knee is possibly a quad tear, so I've been relegated to being a big bad dial faker tomorrow when I'm teaching RPM. I am pretty sure that I've perhaps overused my quads adding some massive load in my classes so time to dial it back and let it heal. My physio (who I've added as a friend on Facebook as I see her more than I see some of my mates!) tells me it's common to injure something else when recovering from something more major eg my shoulder/abdominoplasty. I had scheduled an hour plus for my training this morning and it consisted of a cruisy 20 minute walk and lots of shoulder rehab type stuff - best news is that today I did lat pull downs without any pain and I demonstrated a bench press today with the Olympic bar - a bit yucky, but I didn't have that "I'm going to go through the roof" type of pain.

Today I got to train Shelley and as usual I spent my time delighting in the the torture I was inflicting upon her and grumbling about my injuries in between sets. I made the comment that maybe I should come to her for a training session when I was healed and the first thing I saw on her face was a sly grin and her imagining how much she was going to punish me. Yeeeouch! Then I got to thinking about all of the programs I send to my clients and wondering how much they'd enjoy telling me what to do. It sounds like "Rule of 3's" and "Whose That Nutter on the Treadmill?" have top billing followed by a gruelling session of squats and deadlifts....

I'm getting more and more excited about the INBA and ANB Comps - this Saturday is of course the ANB and I have Tara competing in that one. I'm probably just as excited as she is so we're going to be quite the combination on Saturday. I also get to holler with Doris down the front! I also will have the pleasure of Irene in RPM on Saturday so it's all systems go up here.

Then I will be in Melbourne on the following weekend to help out clients in the ANB show down there and I can't wait. I will be hanging around for a few days afterwards and if anyone wants a training session please feel free to contact me via the store email contact or in Lindy's forum.


Splice said...

Busy, busy, busy!!
See you on Saturday MIss Liz :-)
Take care of that quad!

ss2306 said...

So can't wait for you to be "FIXED". Then I'm gonna break you again -hehehe!

Maryanne said...

I too can see you Saturday - RPM then later at the show. see you soon.

Tara said...

pmsl shelley!!!!

I think your body is telling u that u need a holiday Liz, somewhere on an exotic island where natives serve you wine and grapes lol

Hope the quad heals quickly, great work with the shoulder yesterday.

Oh and can I suggest Glute raises into the torturous workout that we are going to put u through ;o)

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Liz

hollering getting ready. Where do you teach spin??