Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lizzy Trickett - Gold in my own right!

Tomorrow sees me doing the Sunday morning RPM launch at Toowong. We have to dress as our favourite Olympic Athlete so I am morphing into "Lizzy, not Libby, Trickett" for the morning complete with goggles, gold medal and megawatt smile. I can't wait as I haven't trained since Wednesday. My cough is still giving me what for though and I cannot believe how much you use your belly when you hack away - so I have been going to bed with a swelly belly...ugh

I've got a pretty busy week ahead of me. I have to fit in all the clients that I missed out on last week and prep all the vegetables I bought today. I am firmly sticking the paddle in this week and have even blocked off time every day this week for my own workouts. When I think of my goals, I know that to be successful that I need to prioritize them. I haven't had any long term goals in mind due to the surgery and the shoulder injury (which reminds me that I need to book a visit to the physio this week) - I do know that I want to start swimming again (I haven't done this in ages and I think I'd enjoy the change) and decide what my "going into retirement" figure competition will be! I would love to do an ANB show as the 2007 show was the most fun I've ever had at a bodybuilding show. I'm also developing a yearning to finally buy another road bike and have a more serious crack at some cycling or triathlons. Decisions, decisions!

In other news I have also committed to doing some work with a Lifestyle Coach to help me manage my time issues/training/goal setting etc etc. I have the habit of letting myself get seriously out of kilter (as Shelley well knows - I have this nasty habit of unpacking my entire Fitness First bag and repacking it to find my car keys, phone, lunch you name it), and I am biting the bullet and enlisting in a bit of help to tame my wayward ways. It is expensive, but you know you've made the right decision when you wake up feeling relieved, rather than "crap, that's too much money!" I may not be blogging or replying to comments as much as I learn to be better but know that I am with you all in spirit


Lisa said...

Good decision on the life coach. I think I need a dose of that too, as my to do list keeps growing.

ss2306 said...

What? I won't have you fumbling through your bag anymore looking for things? Just won't seem you.