Saturday, August 16, 2008

All about me!

Following on from my last post on "balance", what is really hitting home hard for me is the notion that I have to put myself first with all this work. Shannon, who is having a tough time with her long hours, and I have been saying that we have to make it "all about me". On Friday, I did make it "all about me" and did my training as soon as the gym opened as I had no early Friday morning appointments and I think I'm going to keep this slot permanently booked for myself. I did a run, some elliptical intervals and then managed a 20 minute simple lower body workout and felt good for it. Then I hit the steam room and worked on loosening up my shoulder with my "muscle mate". I started the day feeling more positive about everything and as a consequence was able to put more into the clients that I saw. My other challenge is not wanting to gnaw my arm off when I get home - I'm tired, hungry, cranky and starving which is no good for any gal staying on the straight and narrow with her nutrition so my plan is to have a decent sized snack, sit down and cup of tea on arrival before attending to online clients, housekeeping and cooking dinner.

Next week is looking pretty busy - have a fair bit to do and knock over (including thinking about other ways I can fry Shelley's glutes! ) . I also have another physio appointment. Louise (physio) thought that shoulder had improved overall but it is sure taking it's sweet time getting better. In that department I am soldiering on - it's difficult demonstrating any pushing movements but I will get there. I forgot to mention that I have some training (or recovery protocols) planned for every day next week! (see, still all about me!)

Hmm, what else? Met with a house designer today who has drawn up some preliminary plans of what our house may look like when it's finished. This took a couple of hours and was actually pretty helpful. When it comes to all things spatial, I'm, shall we say in the nicest possible way, "limited" (aka "thick as a brick"). Walking through an example display home and seeing the actual dimensions really helped.

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