Thursday, August 28, 2008

I lose my breath and I find my answers....

This week has been a rollercoaster ride so to speak - it started off pretty sanely but by yesterday I had become ensconced in the grip of the dreaded lurgy. I've been battling what I call a "potential cold" - bit sniffly for the past few weeks and then "bang!" - it hit me with a vengeance on Wednesday morning. I struggled through RPM and luckily most of the participants were closer to the back because by Track 7 I was starting to become a bit of a "dial faker" (and we all know that RPMers hate to fake that dial) - so things were starting to get a bit touch and go by then. I've spent yesterday and today being breathless and coughing at the same time (not a pretty look) , and I've caught up with a bit of admin, though I am likely to take tomorrow off as well.

I've also had an interesting week in what I've learned about life. Hmmm, what have I learned ? a)Sometimes the way you receive your answers to pressing questions is in the way you least expect, but you still get your answers!
b)How much talent there is out there if you put it out there - yesterday I learnt that our Erica is a Myer Briggs Type Facilator/Educator. I've written about how much I've gotten out of the Myer Briggs test and I was able to bombard Erica with all sorts of questions - my clients are continually teaching me..THANKS ERICA!!!
c)Trust your intuition, tread your own path!! (essential for all NF types)
d) That there are others out there that love Star Wars as much as I do. Yes, I could sit and watch Yoda speak for hours!
e) That sometimes things are difficult, they are hard, but it doesn't mean they are wrong (I got that gem from pulling up a pew!) So keep on keeping on!
f) That those who are the leaders in their field are abundant in their sharing of knowledge and love of what they do - today I am singling out Alwyn Cosgrove, Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson. I have just picked up Eric Cressey's "Maximum Strength" and it's almost (kidding!) as good as his newsletters.
g) Pumpkin soup is wonderful when you're feeling under the weather.


Michelle said...

Yeah, you're not alone when it comes to Star Wars. Its always on in our house - my girls absolutely love it!

Kek said...

Hope the cold disappears fast!

Thanks for coming to my rescue - it's amazing how some extra carbs can return your ability to think straight. What should be simple solutions become impossible to figure out through the brain fog when blood sugar goes BOOM.

Lisa said...


I have had a similar experice with the lurgy these past 2 weeks - I hope you manage to fight it off quickly.

LizN said...

Hey Michelle, Kek and Lisa,
Thanks for dropping by. Kek, glad I could help with the carbs! Michelle and Lisa - I'm going to be sitting under a blanket having pumpkin soup and watching Star Wars!

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list too. Mine's head and chest and I've narrowed down who I think is responsible but they shall remain nameless. LOL!! Unfortunately I've given it to someone else so I'm staying indoors so it doesn't spread and keeping my distance from my Mum.

As for star wars, we have the boxed set Liz. Love it, love it, love it! :o)

Lia xxx

Sam D-M said...

Hi Liz,

Hope you get better soon!

Rock on RPM!!


Jadey said...

I did think of you this morning when I was feeling unwell - I know you are going through the same thing! Hope you are feeling better soon Lizzy... It's horrible being sick - there's way too many things to do to be sick!!

jadey xxx

Hilary said...

I'm fighting off a cold too - I'm dosing up on heaps of olive leaf extract in the hopes that I can escape this year!

Hope you feel better soon.

Hilary xx