Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bit of the ol' Spin Therapy

Today I taught RPM HiPerformance and then followed up with the recovery/cortisol lowering protocols Krista suggested. The best part was having my post workout meal of quinoa flakes and whey. I must admit being pretty non plussed about the taste initially but after a few mouthfuls, it started tasting pretty darn delicious. Even though I missed Miss Shelley, I still had a very enjoyable class and felt so much stronger today. I enjoyed taking my time with recovery as well - DH has taken the girls all weekend so I can get business stuff done, so without further ado, I'm signing off for the weekend.

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Kek said...

I haven't tried the flakes, just the whole quinoa seeds, but they make a pretty good porridge with some vanilla whey. You do have to get used to the taste - it's kind of nutty. I sometimes add grated apple and cinnamon too. :p