Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meeting Krista S.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Krista Schaus in person - Krista is out from Canada at the moment working with Lisa ( ) on Biosignature Evaluations and although I was apprehensive about having a pair of bodyfat calipers close to me, it actually worked out to be a good experience.

I'm in the region of 18% bodyfat which is not bad for a post operative sloth whose not really doing too much in terms of training at the moment and what came up, was what I have been blogging about - poor sugar management. I had already put into place a few protocols which have been working, but Krista and Lisa gave me some suggestions to really amp up fixing the issue. Cortisol is also an issue for me being so busy with online training, one on one and teaching classes - so I'm going to spend some more time doing recovery protocols (hooray!)

Then we had lunch which was just awesome - Krista and I both tried Israeli Couscous with Grilled Chicken, which is about 5 x the size of regular couscous and looks amazing on a plate and Lisa went for some delicious looking salmon with mixed greens. It was a great lunch - I felt like I "connected" with Krista immediately which is unusual for me - and Lisa and I agree on nearly everything which makes our working relationship a very easy one for me. Lisa, if you're reading this, I'm temporarily devastated about Saturday RPM, but we have to do what we have to do right now (big smile and I'm with you all the way!) I left our meeting with a real sense of energy for what the future holds for all of us - certainly I've gone in directions I've never dreamt as being possible!.

Had my second cortisone shot in the shoulder bursa today - this was pretty darn painful, but I feel like I've had almost instantaneous improvement this time around. Let's keep our fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Cortisone shots are killers, I'm feeling your pain. My surgery's been pushed back for obvious reasons but I can't wait to get it over and done with. To put it politely, it's stuffed! Fingers crossed you get the relief your after. :o) xxx

ms_attitude said...

When I was threatened with cortisone injections in my shoulder, I thought I'd give a different needle a try first - ie acupuncture. Luckily it worked and I didn't have to resort to any pain!

Lisa said...

Ha ha! Yes we have to do what we have to do sometimes!

Lisa said...

Ha ha! Yes we have to do what we have to do sometimes!

Kek said...

Nice work on the body composition!

Hope the cortisone does the job.