Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey Hey Hey! Team FHMF are in da house!

By now a few of you may have seen team FHMF being posted on various blogs and wondered what the heck we're all banging on about. After our weekend at the All Females; Shelley, Shannon, Katie and I are committed to becoming fu*kin' huge and packing on the muscle. My goal is to be able to crack macadamia nuts with my glute cheeks. Or am I the one who's nuts :)

Gosh, I had such a fantastic weekend I don't know where to begin. Shannon picked Shelley and I up from her place on Friday and armed with a couple of huge salads we hopped on our flight to Melbourne where we met up with Katie, who had arrived from Sydney at the airport. We cabbed it to our accommodation at the Milano Apartments which had a rather interesting water feature in the foyer. Then we cased out the joint and decided to head off to Lygon Street for dinner. We had a fantastic banquet dinner at the Balti Indian Restaurant and then headed over to Koko Black for post dinner chocolate. I felt like I was going to explode at this point, so I opted to just buy some chocolate to take home.

Tossed and turned a bit after I went to bed - I must have been dreaming of RPM 38, Track 5 as I apparently woke up and said "hey! hey! hey!". We went to RPM Hi Performance at the Fitness First at South Yarra and did a bit of training beforehand. It was there we met up with Lisa S and Wendy and I had the pleasure of meeting Kerryn for the first time. It didn't feel at all like a first time meeting as after about 5 minutes of meeting I was pushing her to pump out some chin ups at the gym and generally being a big bad boss. Shannon hit the pull ups hard and I feared I had given poor Katie a massive headache. But she pulled out a stunning effort in RPM and I had Shelley next to me encouraging me all the way. We had a great instructor and I left feeling very accomplished and starving (this is par for the course for me).

Had an awesome breakfast courtesy of the cereal aisle of Aldi and headed over to the show venue where I got to head out backstage and meet Erica for the first time. Glued her in and helped her to pump up whilst the official barked out that Figure Novice were about to go ON.
Erica looked great and had a lovely big smile and I thought she'd done a great job on her back.

Saw all of the other competitors, Rae, looking thicker through the back than I remember and Shar, who looked stunning in green and really nice symmetry. Then there was Hilde who was the most stunnng sportsmodel I've seen - I don't know what the judging criteria for sportsmodel is but I thought Hilds should have been the winner - she looked curvy, lean and athletic all at once. I think Di and Ursula had the toughest line ups of them all in Open class - Di came in the best I have ever seen her (with a nice set of RPM legs I might add) and Ursula was breathtaking (I want to have as much muscle as her after I get heeewge).

I got to meet Magda, Kerry, Cheryl, Irene, Lindy (who I've already met but don't want to leave out), Lia, Rae, Shar, Di, Combatgirl, Jadey, Wendy and Charlotte at the show and some of us went around the corner and had a great lunch at a cafe in Caulfield. We had a look around Chapel STreet whilst waiting for the evening show to start and had a great time watching all the routines and posedowns. A highlight of the evening was Shelley winning one of two lucky door prizes - a $300 pair of sunnies.

We had a late dinner at a Thai restaurant on Lygon Street and I realized that with much pride that everyone at the table was actually a client of mine - I haven't really thought about it much, but the decision to focus on coaching has been very rewarding for me - I am lucky to have the privilege of being able to learn from my clients as well as helping them.

Rolled into bed after midnight and I think I was too tired to do the hey hey routine. Had breakfast and checked out of the hotel. The four of us went to Bridge Street and had a great shop - I hadn't planned on buying anything but with the help of my personal stylists Miss Shannon, Shelley and Katie, I was soon stylin' with a pair of new boots and two jackets. Then it was lunch at this great Vietmanese place where we ate buckets of veggies and talked and laughed some more. In fact I haven't laughed this much for a long, long, time.

Sadly it was off to the airport to say goodbye to Melbourne - Katie headed off first but not without a little massage first and then as I didn't want the shopping to end, picked up two handbags and a scarf from a store at the International airport.

Got home late but very happy. I think I've developed jaw DOMS from talking so much and a taste for the Melbourne cold - I have been roasting here in Brisso today.

I got a lot out of the weekend too - I feel so lucky to have become involved in such a great circle of friends through my blogging, I feel like I've known you all for years. I felt a quiet glow of pride that hopefully we've all started a quiet revolution in the bodybuilding world with our commitment to eating well and maintaining a sense of balance and I simply had a great time being more of a girly girl.

Making the commitment to my team to keep training and to do what I can in the light of my injuries and rehab, am committed to carving out time in my schedule for me to train hard and eat well also.


katiep said...

Viva the revolution - good food, hard training, laughter and celebrating our wonderful complex unique bodies. Sounds like my kind of bodybuilding!

Kek said...

You know, I really had NO intention of doing that bloody RPM class.... but I'm glad I did. :o)

My back and abs STILL hate you from those chins, thanks!

It was a fantastic weekend - wish it had been a lot longer! Can't wait for October....

ss2306 said...

What a fantastic recollection of our weekend. Macadamia nuts - na, your butt will be that hard you'll be bustin' brazils! Shake that ass!

Luv Shelley

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great weekend - wish I could have been there.

Hilde said...

Wow thanks Liz it means a lot to hear you say that. I had an absolute ball and loved every minute of the experience. I just wish I'd actually got to meet everyone in the crowd, I spent the whole day either on stage or back stage getting ready! Who knows I might even get up there again I had so much fun.