Wednesday, July 16, 2008

images of inspiration

My image of inspiration today is Jelena Abbou at the Houston Pro where she came 4th recently. I think Jelena has awesome glutes and has done some amazing things with her shoulders.

Today I managed to squeeze in RPM, despite being horribly busy and delighted in some post workout Surge. It is better than I remembered!

Tomorrow I have plans to do some running and shoulder rehab and maybe some leg work. Even though I'm moving at snail's pace, it is nice to work out. My next plan is to put together some more meals for next week as I will be away all week on PT induction.


Kek said...

Awesome pic! I want glutes like that too...might take me a while. *sigh*

My email is doing something funky and won't play tonight, so my report looks like being late. Grr!

Ursula Beck said...

Hi nhow are you? It was great to meet you on Saturday.. Hope you had a great day

Jadey said...

Hi Lizzie,

It's ok, I haven't seen you in about three years I reckon!! It was so lovely to see you, I am glad you are recovering, you looked fantastic and I can't wait to catch up again. I am at indooroopilly most days for a coffee at lunch time so we should catch up some time soon.

Love jadey xxx