Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Slaying the Sugar Fairy

Today I am still plodding along attempting to slay the sugar fairy. It is amazing how your inner Beast can tell you all these lies about why you need to eat bunches of sugary crap. Today I have witnessed this terrific internal argument between my rational self and my inner sugar fairy. It goes something like this:

Sugar Fairy: "It's cold and raining and the kids deserve cookies. Why don't you go down to the shops and buy some chocolate chips and some sugar and you'll be set to bake all afternoon."

Normal Liz: "The kids don't need to eat cookies all holidays to feel worthwhile or loved"

Sugar Fairy: "But it's something for them to do!"

Normal Liz: "In reality you're just giving me another excuse to overdo the sugar/fat by putting me in a situation where I'm feeling weak (PMS) and in front of my big trigger (home baking).

Sugar Fairy: "But you keep saying you're in control"

Normal Liz: "I may be in control but I know at certain times of the month my boundaries need bolstering".

And on and on it has gone all morning. This phenomena, I am sure, happens to a lot of people. What many of us do is remain clueless about the fact that we're not beholden to our inner sugar fairies - we have the option of saying "no" at all points. We're not helpless against the onslaught of food cravings - we need to face them squarely as see them for what they are - cravings - and let's face it, whilst a craving is uncomfortable, I've never seen a craving KILL anyone.

I've just polished off a piece of salmon and some greens for lunch - it was delicious and just what I needed to give that fairy a good smackdown for the afternoon.


Jadey said...

Hey beautiful Lizzie,

I am coming to the All Females and going to the get together on Sunday, Rae mentioned you are coming, is that right ?

Jadey xx

Splice said...

One to Liz
Nil to Sugar fairy.

Way to go Liz :-)

Magda said...

Go Liz!!

:-) Magda

Jenn said...

Amen Sista Liz!
I finally tossed out all my baking ingrediants...since I would make them for the hubs and kids, and then eat a few myself...which how is a cookie good for anyone? Just found your blog today, and enjoy reading it. I am just starting out on my fitness journey...doing The New Rules of Weightlifting for Women book and hoping I end up looking like you. Feel free to check me out at www.tjgrimm.blogspot.com

emharvie said...

Go Liz! That sugar fairy has been extremely argumentative this week... she's been talking to me too. Smackdown time!!!

Kat said...

Liz, you are doing so well - I know you will beat your cravings --miss you at the Ya's

Michelle said...

Perfect timing with your post. I've been fighting that inner beast this week as well.