Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday update

I'm just about to head off and teach RPM this morning at Toowong but I thought I would post before the week that is coming up totally gets away from me. I am going to four days of Fitness First PT induction which is pretty much 9 till 5 and on Friday am having the MRI I mentioned for my shoulder - so blogging is going to be put on the backburner this week I'm afraid. I've already been given my timetable for my first week of "green" hours where you basically help people out and do gym orientations etc. You're also supposed to use the opportunity to establish a client base. I have four clients lined up already so I'm just going to cruise and let the cards fall where they may.

I survived RPM Hi Performance yesterday morning as well as some shoulder work, but got really swollen and sore last night. Sometimes I "forget" that I've just had major surgery and this is a reminder to wind it back a bit.

Yesterday I received some fantastic news. I am going to have two new sponsors - a new supplement company and a well known sportswear company and I'm going to be able to pass the benefits of both onto my clients. I don't want to sound to clandestine by not announcing who they actually are yet, but rather want to stitch up everything officially before I make anything public. I was pretty blown away as I haven't been actively seeking sponsorship but I do believe everything happens for a reason.

Katie asked team FHMF about their favourite quote - I have so many, for so many different occasions, from Shakespeare to Van Halen - but seeing Miss Katie is getting down with the Pope this week I thought I'd send out a decidedly Christian one..

"The Greatest Commandment of All is to Love One Another as I have Loved You" - Jesus Christ.

To me this quote represents seeing the good and the potential for success in everyone. Sometimes we believe that we are "broken" and that there is something wrong with us, but it's so untrue. Everyone has the potential to do great things and I try and remind myself of this whenever I hit a coaching roadblock. Sometimes it takes a different perspective or someone else even to say the same thing a different way to make the penny drop. Which is why it's wonderful to have some great associates around me..but that is for a different post.

Hope everyone has a great week.


Charlotte Orr said...

Congrats on the sponsorship!

Tara said...

yay on the sponsorship Liz!! That is brilliant news. Looking forward to checking out the clothing line ;o)

Hope you have a fantastic week doing your induction. I am sure that you will have a huge client base within no time at all.