Monday, July 07, 2008

PMS beast

I hope you enjoy the cartoon - I thought it was hilarious!

Now onto more serious matters, the PMS beastie. It seems that as I get older that each month I am plagued by ever worsening PMS symptoms (I'm sure I could be a poster girl for that 30 Plus supplement that Lisa CurryKenny promotes) and cravings for sugar. Not only that, acne rears its ugly head around this time and as well as monthly development of a charming personality (not!) my looks just go into overdrive.

This month I have decided to fight back. I have been eating almost to 100% Precision Nutrition compliance and have been quelling the raging sugar cravings by adding more fat to my diet and focusing on "protein first" . I am also taking some glycine which has been recommended to me by Lisa and Krista. After eating some more good fats, I have been able to keep myself more even emotionally. If good nutrition strategies begin to wear thin, I employ my "phone a friend" strategy. It's a bit of work fighting the beast, but I know how much better I will feel in a week's time, so the discomfort of not giving into my cravings is a small price to pay for a clear head and a bit of sanity.

I have been reading some interesting posts about wheat intolerance and I am not surprised. From an evolutionary standpoint, our bodies' aren't designed to digest highly processed grains and I have seen so many digestive complaints which can be traced back to "grain intolerance", especially those grains which have had the life beaten out of them and reside in a packet, known as cereal. A few years ago, I spent six months in and out of hospital with undiagnosed digestive problems. As soon as I drastically reduced my grain/cereal consumption and replaced these foods with more fruit and vegetables, my digestive issues improved out of sight. I can cope with the odd sandwich here and there but for the most part I tend to stay away from overly processed grain sources.


Kek said...

Ah, see...there's that twin thing again (not the PMS, the wheat intolerance).

Hope the PMS eases - that sucks. PN is awesome though, I'm loving it. I did more baking today. :p

ss2306 said...

Glad I'm your "phone a friend" helping you smack that bitch! said...

I thought I was the only that still got acne like a teenager. lol. It's just not fair. Will try the glycine.

p.s. Love your blog - you are an inspiration! Would love to trade links with you on our blogrolls. You're already on my faves list. :D

Love, Lilla