Monday, August 04, 2008


Whew, I'm tired tonight - I have just realized that I've reached another milestone today - teaching an RPM class three days in a row and pulling up fine! The second injection has also helped my shoulder no end and today I did some heavier seated rows and bent over rows without any issues. Hooray!

Tomorrow begins my foray into the world of live coaching again. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by what I have to do but I'm just going to try and cruise as best I can. I have learned over the years that it is better sometimes to let go than to try and do everything. I must remind myself of this post when I'm next tearing my hair out over something I have little control over.

My current project of slapping the sugar fairy down is faring more successfully than last month. I am pleased to report no sugar breakouts though I've been having some rather ridiculous dialogue with my Inner Sugar Beast who keeps telling me that it is imperative that I bake "for the sake of my family". I've been whacking back with "my family are getting more enjoyment out of all the fruit I bought over the weekend. Really, I'm sometimes embarrassed by the what the irrational inner voice says, especially when I put pen to paper.

After a cup of tea and a piece of Koko Black chocolate (I bought myself a stash whilst in Melbourne) I am off to bed :)


Splice said...

I'm glad your shoulder is feeling a little better and hope it continues.
Well done on the three in a row RPM classes :-)

Michelle said...

Good to hear your shoulder is feeling better.

I hope you give that sugar fairy a good slap!