Monday, August 25, 2008

Eaty poos

This is what my intake looks like when I'm back in the land of sanity. Veggies ahoy!

Breakfast: oats, protein powder, milk, Melbourne Brekky tea :), 1/2 banana
Snack: One of Lindy's Musashi the peanut butter flavour, V8 veggie juice
Lunch: Sumo Salad (Tandoori Chicken) + Naan bread (post workout), Diet Coke (oh the shock, oh the horror!)
Snack: mixed veggies, cottage cheese, yoghurt and Slim Secrets bar (yeah, I was hungry)
Dinner: chicken and Asian veggie stir fry (about 300g veggies), topped with a few crushed pecans
Snack: actually not hungry tonight.

Plenty of water :)

Training today: Teach absolute thrasher of an RPM class :)
Hmm sanity is good!


Magda said...

I'm a Diet Coke lover too Liz. (A girl's gotta have SOME vices)



Barb said...

Which type of yoghurt do you have? Do you have artificially sweetened?

MISS TANK said...

Hey Liz! Long time no comment from me - but i've been following your blog for ages (no not stalking...) ha ha ha
Just want to let you know i think you are fabulous and your honesty and journey over the past few months has been nothing short of amazing!
Fern x

PS: Your daily food is YUM

LizN said...

Hi girls,
Barb I usually like the Easi Yo type I make up in my Easiyo maker but yesterday had a Yoplait one - not as nice as I thought it would be :)


Kek said...

Hooray for sanity! Lend me some?

....kidding. ;o)