Friday, May 02, 2008

struggle street

I have to admit that the last two days have been a real struggle. I have been sore, exhausted, cranky and generally impatient about the whole standing up straight process. I think that I am standing up straighter, but boy is progress slow! Apparently it's quite common to be not standing up straight two week's post surgery so I cannot allow myself to think too much about it and get myself stressed out.
The tiredness has made me feel hungry and I've found myself trolling for food, rather than doing the right thing and lying down. Today I have taken a different approach and am spending more time lying down and the food cravings have dissipated.
The "girls" have started to soften a little bit and feel more natural - already I can't wait to buy some new bras (DH has already thrown out all my old bras in anticipation - 10A, don't think I'll be needing that anymore!). I had been concerned about what his reaction to the new additions would be ie did they look fake, but he has been very positive about everything. The tummy was also less swollen last night and with now being able to stand a little straighter discover that I actually have a waist - just amazing.
At this stage I haven't really let myself get too excited about things yet - I'm still very paranoid about post surgical complications as my last two C-Sections were problematic to say the least. So next step is to work on the post surgery complication fears and relax and start to enjoy my new shape.


Combat Girl said...

Hi Liz,

Hang in there, everything will work out. You are a fighter so a little patience and the belief that sometimes there may be NO COMPLICATIONS!!


Lisa said...

Hi Liz
Once you are up and feeling "straight" - recovery will be so much quicker - I believe that it actually occurs exponentially - ie the better you get, the speedier the next stage of recovery. Here's hoping anyway.
I'd love to see some photos as I'm on the waiting list for surgery of my own - and its all rather daunting!

Java said...

You know .. I have no idea what you talk about, I look at your pics and think wow!! what a body and only now you say you have a waist ?? got me there, you looked great already but I'm sure you know what you talk about, some pics coming soon I know!
Take care and take it slow ok.