Sunday, May 04, 2008

Supermarket Hi-jinks

Today I had my first proper supermarket outing - my mother took me shopping at Woollies today. After several fervent prayers that nobody I knew would see me - I was wearing sheepskin slipper, holey tracky daks and my Mike Robertson Performance Enhancement TShirt (my mother was snorting at the idea that anything I'm doing these days is high performance) - I made it through the door and stocked up on veggies (until I'm well enough to slice and dice it is Steamfresh all the way), fruit and trashy magazines. I estimated that I would have walked around for about 15 minutes, albeit leaning on the trolley for support and when I sat down, boy could I feel where the surgeon had done the muscle repair..ouch.
After a good lie down, I'm feeling much better and am glad that I got out of the house for a bit. I have been at a loose end and decided to read my blog from 2006 (when I last competed) - made me start to think that I cannot wait to write a post about how I trained and what I was up to and reading all the current competitor's blogs, I feel all fired up again to compete in some shape or form. My comp girls are coming along nicely and I can't wait to cheer them on in a few week's time.
I'm still not standing straight yet and was feeling very despondent that I haven't achieved this little mini goal yet, but was cheered by a little bit more progress this morning. I'm not expecting any great shakes tomorrow after my supermarket boogie, but you never know.


MISS TANK said...

Oh Liz, read your blog and it made me laugh, can imagine you shuffling along with your slippers on!! Looking forward to seeing photo's of your girls from the comps!! take lots of care x

Kimmy said...

Hi Liz
Congratulations on your achievement and getting out and about. I know you will be up and running in no time, you are very motivated and very motivating. I can't wait to see the results and your new girls when you get better.
I can relate to the slippers. I stayed in my slippers and pyjamas all day last friday :). Don't think I have ever worn them to the supermarket but I have been called out to my office at 4am in the morning and I went down there in my slippers and no hair :) Poor security guard nearly had a heart attach.
Sending positive healing vibes.

Live with Passion

Antigone said...

Hi Liz :)
Must of felt great to have gotten out of the house, I have been house bound lately and have to say I am looking forward to escaping tomorrow :)

Now I hope after your shopping trip that you are kicking your heels up and reading those trashy mags no more shuffleing round in your sheep skin boots :)


Shar said...

Slow and steady Liz, you have had major surgery!! Did you hear me - I said you have had Major surgery!!

You are doing so well to be up and about.

I know the standing up thing, after my abdominal surgery (small compared to yours) I felt like an 80 year old shufling about.

Everyday wil get better.
Try and enjoy the rest time, allow yourself to heal properly
Shar x

leslie said...

Baby steps, Liz. You're closer today than you were yesterday to being back to full strength and health!

Jewel Jasmine said...

hey liz
i know how u are feeling just rest when u can and dont get depressed every day is another day closer to standing straighter i know how hard it is not to MOVE but all will be right if you do the right thing-quicker:)

Splice said...

Getting out and going to the supermarket is a huge step Liz :-)
I can imagine how tired this would have made you by the time you got home. I think it would have been good for you just getting out for a little while.

I wish you a very restful nights sleep.

Tomorrow is another day and that means you will be a little better. The days are ticking over and you are getting stronger!

Luv Debs