Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fitness related - what a hottie!

After my little rant, I'm really thrilled to be able to post some pictures of Miss Shelley who is competing in the INBA Brisbane titles next Saturday.

I first knew Shelley when I was living in Singleton (which was 2001-2004) - we used to cross paths at the local pharmacy, but little did I know that one day we would meet up in Brisbane through Miss Kerryn. Amazing stuff!

Shelley has done more than transform her body over the last year - she's moved to Brisbane, become a personal trainer herself and done her RPM certification (you only need to look at her legs to know that she's heavily involved with RPM). She's completely revamped her nutrition (thank you Precision Nutrition!) and worked hard with her training , especially as she's got a bit of ectomorph in her- she's put up with me asking her if she caned her training for the past six months.

Oh, and she's also put up with me moaning and bitching about being a swollen cane toad....

I'm really proud of her for a job well done - those muscles are looking luscious!

So give it up for Miss Shelley - you're looking hot girl!


Kek said...

WOOHOO! You sexy thang!! Miss Shelley looks a million dollars - I can hardly believe this is the same gal I 'met' early last year.

Great to see how much beautiful lean muscle she's added over the past 12 months. :o) And you're right - those legs are KILLER.

I'm very proud of Shelley - I was happy with what she achieved under my instruction, but the best thing I ever did was to reintroduce her to YOU, Miss Liz!

Big hug to Shelley - Wish I could give it to her in person.

LMAO @ "swollen cane toad". Now there's a very QLD expression!

katiep said...

I am Shelley's biggest fan. She reads my blog and has phoned me and emailed me to chat about the things we are both experiencing as first time figure competitors.

The support and friendship she has shown me, a complete stranger, has made my journey a lot easier. I am in awe of her generosity of spirit in taking the time to help me out.

And she does look amazing - I can't wait to see/meet her in real life at the comp.


Java said...

Far out!! as the Aussie will say.
She looks gorgeous.

Splice said...

Well done Shelly you look fantastic!!
Wishing you all the best and have fun at your comp.

Lisa said...

Another great looking Liz Nelson athlete - well done to both of you!


Selina said...

GAWD!!! She's HOT!!!
Well done to both of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz. Thank you for your welcome. I hope you are recovering well. Look forward to gaining some wonderful infomation from you in the world of fitness.

sarahz said...

She looks great. Can you email me on sarahzam@iinet.net.au and let me know how much you charge for online personal training?


Shannon Condoleon said...

Wow!!! Shelley you look great... not to even mention your legs - and thats without your tan on!! Liz you have done an amazing job once again, even in your bloated canetoad stage, you are still coaching all your competitors. (lol) xx

Anonymous said...

Looking fabulous, well done shelley

Shar said...

Nice work Shelly, nice coaching Liz!!!
Hop each day is geting easier for you Liz.
Shar x

Michelle said...

She's looking fantastic! Snaps for both of you :o)

RaeC said...

Another figure coaching success story from Ms Liz Nelson!! Awesome job done by the both of you.

Good luck Shelly... you've done the hard yards so have fun onstage and shine!!

Hope you are feeling better soon Liz!!