Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Turning a corner

I have been so busy with the events of the weekend that I have not posted any healing updates. I think that getting out and going to the show is one of the best things I could have done - the whole weekend made me forget about my belly which was just fantastic.
I saw the surgeon on Monday and asked why I was so swollen - he immediately palpated my tummy and said - you've got fluid under the skin (with my surgery, the lymphatic system is cut, releasing in fluid build up, hence why there are surgical drains inserted when you wake up). He produced a whopping great needle and instructed me to lie down whilst he drained it. Turns out that I have little pockets of fluid all over my belly and that he would have had to insert the needle over and over again to get it out. He told me that I needed to stand up straighter and he s-l-o-w-l-y pushed me fully upright, telling me that the skin and abdominal muscles needed to rejoin and that by standing up straight, the fluid would be pushed away. In three days I am about 50-70% less swollen, simply amazing. I got clearance to drive and I am taking the girls to and from school. I am still getting very tired, but I am feeling much better. I'm even beginning to consider going Paleo for a few days to give my body a bit more of a detox.


Michelle said...

That's great news that your less swollen and that you can drive again.

Kek said...

Eeuw! Standing up straight sounds like a much preferable option to the needle remedy.

It must be nice to have your freedom back, now that you can drive. Don't overdo it!

Lisa said...

Good you think I can get ride of my swollen belly that way too?

Tara said...

YAY @ being able to drive around again!! i agree with kek, the needle doesnt sound too great at all!! ewwwww

Antigone said...

*eeek* If I saw that needle I would have been running for my life LOL Em and big needles do not mix!

I am so glad that everything is healing sos well and that you are now on your feet and getting some what of normal daily life back :)

Your such a fighter I knew you wouldn't be down and out for too long :)


Selina said...

MMMMmmm that recipie looks and sound divine!!
Love that cartoon pic, hee hee. That needle doesn't sound too good though, I reckon I would've run away and kept the swollen belly!!!
Glad you're doing better anyway :)
Email almost complete, on its way this weekend :)

Java said...

One day at a time!!