Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Out and About

I have decided to take a slightly different tack and do a bit more incidental exercise. I was amazed to find that after my afternoon with Amanda which included a kilometre walk and several stairs to find the new bus stop location, that I was moving so much more freely the next day.
With this thought firmly in my mind, I decided to go to Indooroopilly and do my banking and go to Medicare etc. It felt so good to be out of the house. I visited everyone at Fitness First and then had morning tea with Anne (well, rather she had morning tea, because I had forgotten my apple) and then I bumped into my mother. I was very pleased to shout her lunch at Sumo Salad as a small thank you for the help she has been giving me collecting my mail and buying my groceries. We then had a walk around the shopping centre where to my delight, Medibank Private paid out much more of my hospital claim than I had anticipated, so flushed with cash I bought this fantastic breakfast chiller bowl from Storage Space. The brand is called Fit Fresh and comes from the USA. I also bought a lunchbox thinking that it would come in handy down the track when I'm working. It looks like I am going to be doing some one on one PT at Fitness First - I'm finally at the stage where I need somewhere for people to come and physically train with me if they need to and I figured that because I know so many people at the gym, it's will be handy for me in attracting some one on one clientele to fill in the gaps.
Today I woke up at my least swollen yet and least restricted movement wise, so I decided to do some more wandering around and picked up some Sydney Breakfast Tea from T2. My whole abdominal region is feeling a bit tight tonight, so tomorrow will be a rest day at home. Maybe this is the beginning of my training comeback! Me mentioning a rest day..very exciting indeed. I must say it was very exciting to be feeling so much better today.


Magda said...

Hi Liz,

good to hear that your recovery is progressing well and you took some good steps forward (literally). You'll be back RPMing before you know it and then .... LOOK OUT RPMers!!

:-) Magda

Kek said...

Great 'workout', Coach! :o) It must be good to be moving again.

I love that container, brilliant design! - I'm going hunting for one just like it.

Cherub said...

Good to hear you are starting to feel better Liz. One day at a time.

saz said...

May I add, I bought 2 of those 'Fit Fresh' containers from the US, one is for 'snacks' the other is for 'salads'. They are awesome! How much was yours here?
Saz :)

LizN said...

Hi Saz, welcome to my blog. I think I paid about 14 bucks for the breakfast bowl from memory :)

Liz N

Michelle said...

I've got 2 of those fit'n'fresh containers too. The salad one is massive and has a cool section for dressing and cutlery. I've also got a lunch/snack combo with 2 small containers which slot into a big one with the ice pack in the middle. I picked them up for about 14 bucks each at homewares direct (Unley SA).
Good to read your recovering well, I totally sympathise with the feeling of wanting to do more after down time!