Saturday, May 17, 2008

INBA Brisbane Titles - what a great day!

Whew, just got home from the Brisbane INBA comp and know that there are probably some bloggers hanging out for results and photos. I took a bucketload of photos, not just of the girls I trained, but everyone else too (I will leave it up to Lyndsay and Carolyn to post their own amazing pics first though).

The day started off at 10am, picking up Andrea and then meeting Michelle and hubby Mal to organize hair and makeup.Then it was off to the Sleeman Centre (venue) to meet Shelley and Tara. Mal thoughtfully began to park in the disabled zone to drop me off, so I didn't have as far to hobble to the venue. My sister did a fantastic job with Michelle's hair - thank you sis.

Once there, it was time to slam down a sandwich and get down to the business of applying Dream Tan to two very toned bodies, whilst offering them Jelly Snakes, which I think is becoming a Liz N. tradition. Here I have to thank Tara for coming to my rescue and being my backstage helper. Tara is looking incredible, she's been training hard these past few months and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw all of the incredible changes that have been going on in her bod (I'm secretly thinking of making box squats standard on all of my programs!)

There were eighteen in Figure Novice which both Shelley and Michelle competed in. Michelle stepped on stage in Figure Short - I have been busting to post an ab shot to show everyone how great Michelle's abs are (I thought, probably the best in her line up) - now I have the perfect opportunity.

Then it was Shelley's turn in Figure Tall - strutting herself next to Carolyn and Lyndsay who also looked incredible. I thought Shelley had the best legs in the line up, Carolyn had a fantastic back going on and Lyndsay's midsection was incredible.

I was feeling very proud of what both girls have achieved by just getting up on stage, when places were called. I'm pleased to announce that Miss Shelley came in 3rd in Figure Tall, the icing on the cake - from what has been a really successful and enjoyable day.

Well done girls!

It was also great to see Selina, Katie (yes, Miss Katie), Alicia, Lisa, Lindy, Dallas, Hillary, Andrea, Nicole , Sue, Di and Raechelle - hope I haven't left anyone out!


Kek said...

Wow, the girls both look great! Nice job, Liz. :o)

Antigone said...

Looks like a wonderful day was shared by all :)
You look glowing hun and standing tall hun :)
Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Dallas was telling me last night it was a huge line up, 18 girls is a whole lot of girls. LOL!! As long as everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves that's all that matters really isn't it Liz.

Thanks for posting up the results and photos, appreciate it. :o)

little rene said...

Love the photos Liz! Your chest looks really natural :)