Friday, May 23, 2008

Dave Greenwalt Does American Idol

For one of the best posing routines you will ever see, check out this link:

I learnt everything I needed to know about final week prep from Dave with his program, The Leanness Lifestyle. He doesn't carb deplete, he doesn't deplete water. What's the secret....he gets lean enough in the beginning - he's 5'10", 86.36kg on stage and 3.9% bodyfat...yikes.


Kek said...

GREAT routine! Nice physique too. ;o)

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Liz

I got Dave's podcast of 'Amercian Idol'. certainly puts into perspective my minor little problems!!!!!! After get Dave's email, new chant "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING".

Sensational inspiration viewing. I have it save to my desktop just to veiw it everytime I get into the pit!


Michelle said...

That was brilliant!

Java said...

totally impressed!!!!