Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So I know I can't dance

Miss S came over today to perfect the last bit of her posing routine. I am still bent over like an old woman, which is a bit discouraging and bloated like anything, so a shapely figure competitor, I am not right now. I was trying not to laugh as I was saying place your foot here, move three steps, point your toes, 1-2-3-4. I could see how terrible I looked in the reflection of the TV, all hunched over and trying to dance..ugh! However, the main thing was that Miss S looked good doing her routine and she does - and posing is looking pretty darn good too.

I was lamenting that this blog has been losing its fitness appeal lately, as my mind and body has been focused on healing from this surgery. My chest looks fantastic, my tummy is taking so much longer to come to the party. I was feeling rather down about everything last night and then woke up this morning feeling much better about things - I will do the best I can with what I can control - eating well, resting and keeping a positive attitude. I WILL turn the corner eventually.


Antigone said...

Firstly hugs for feeling down it must be tough! We all totally understand :)

Secondly I could give you a good shake! How on earth can you say that your blog is losing fitness appeal!!!!!
You are transforming your body into prime fitness realestate ok so you don't look like that now but my golly you are going to knock 'em all dead when your back into the swing of things :)

And I for one am loving reading about how your going this is a huge thing you should be very proud of yourself, I know I am proud of you :)

Hang in there hun I am sure things will heal up in no time!

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Liz

I thought I would thank you for your blog............I read it everyday, as I do many other inspiring blogs, to keep me motivated and inspired to try and achieve my goals in fitness and bodyfat loss.

Thanks again.

Kek said...

Your blog is ALSO about you, remember...and I'm sure you're providing useful info for other ladies who are considering similar surgery. :o)

If you weren't feeling a bit down about everything now and then, I'd be surprised. It's all part of the recovery process. Good days, bad days.... I'm sure the good will outnumber the bad.

The bloating after my hysterectomy lasted for several weeks. It drove me nuts, but it did finally disappear. You'll be better than ever in a few weeks.


Combat Girl said...

Relax Liz,

You are only human after all!

You are doing great with everything, just relax (please take advice from the biggest stress pot on this earth LOL).


riverbender said...

What kek said!!

I'm having the exact same procedures next month. I am totally stressing over the recovery and down time. I hate hate HATE rest days!! :(

I want to do figure comps but decided to do the surgery first (for personal reasons). Your talking about your recovery is comforting to me. Knowing what to expect is quite helpful as I fear unknowns.

So, thank you!

Splice said...

Liz, the swelling will go down!! Don't ever think that it won't. It takes time after major surgery but it will happen.
It almost sounds like your in prep with the positive and negative thoughts about your body.
I know you will take good care of yourself and as a result you will recover beautifully before you know it.
HAng in there.

LizN said...

Girls, thanks for your comments (you're all keeping me sane)
Riverbender, welcome to my blog - feel free to ask any questions ;)

Liz N