Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zoom!! Is that half the year gone already?

Wow I cannot believe half the year has gone already so I'm going to do a bit of a mini report card.

Below was my tentative plan for the first half of the year...'

This is my tentative plan:Jan/Feb: Aerobase workouts - swim/transition work /bike drill work etc. Get shoulders evened up.February: Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp 11March: Sydney open water harbour swim with the FHMF girlsMarch: One Night In Vegas adventure race (any Brisbane girls want to put up with a big bad boss?)April: Mooloolaba TriathlonMay: Brisbane Marathon or other event in Qld

It's really funny that most of what I planned didn't eventuate at all or look like eventuating.

What I did do:
I did do
Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp 11 - this was the second Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp I've done and it was one of the best learning experiences I've ever had - I learnt so much about the reasons we humans have so much trouble with eating/weight etc and all sorts of life strategies that have been really useful. There is another one running in September 2009 if anyone is interested in checking it out.

I did go to Sydney - but instead of swimming I went to
FILEX and stayed/played with Kerryn and Selina and got to meet Casey and Alanna. This was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and our evenings at Bluefish Restaurant stirred the beginnings of one big Calamari bender in me...yum yum yum!

My shoulders have improved out of sight, see stories of smashing iron below, I must remain a work in progress though.

I didn't do any running or cycling in January and I didn't look like going anywhere near a triathlon, let alone a half marathon in May! Although I made plans and ordered a bikini, I didn't compete either.

In fact May and June were months where I made a lot of decisions about what was right for me. During this time I have reaffirmed and strengthened a friendship with someone who is dear to me, I have begun dismantling my live PT business at FF, started dissolving a business partnership , and started being more assertive in setting a few boundaries both professionally and personally and started getting more sleep. Did I mention that I started eating more calamari as well(lol!)?

In fact I started doing a bit more of what
DG told me to do and what I've passed onto my clients as well - more self honouring. Part of this has been training with "Miss Muscles" Shelley twice a week. There is nothing better than absolutely thrashing yourself in the gym with someone who you know has the same agenda as you - to be getting really really strong - and there's nothing better than seeing yourselves improve!
Today I punched out 8 dips unassisted - I can't recall ever doing that many in a row (thought that doesn't mean I'm ready for Crossfit,
Lisa !)and we're both improving with all the weights we lifted. In fact, we were sitting on the FF couch polishing off our post workout oats today and I had a real feeling of contentment wash over me - I feel relaxed, happy and at peace with myself and the world around me.

So I may not have achieved what I set out to so far this year, but plans are meant to be broken sometimes - there's been quite a bit of mental angst and challenge for me, I've certainly not been perfect and had plenty of down times but tonight I'm quietly celebrating that I think I'm winning!


Kek said...

The best-laid plans and all that... LOL.

Those are some really worthwhile achievements though. Nice example you're setting there, Coach.

Wonder what the next half of the year will bring?

Kristy said...

That is a great post Liz, thanks for sharing...

It's amazing how plans change, but sometimes for the better...

Lisa said...

Sensational work! A great 1/2 year for a great chick.


PS Not giving up on the crossfit thing :)

ss2306 said...

Looks like a winning streak to me Strongwoman!

Kerry W said...

What a year of epiphanies!

I'm loving reading about your 'thrashings by Shelley' ATM. You're sounding so different lately, and obviously the changes are already producing positive results. Keep it up!

I've got my 'outlook task reminder', reminding me every 5 mins at the moment to review my goals for 2009, so I daresay I'll be doing that soon...thanks for the reminder too. :)

Flea said...

Loooove the photo Liz.