Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing

Thank you to Keith Urban for the title inspiration.

Today's post is about what happens when you get a Birthday Girl and a PMSing PT, add some Surge and heavy iron.

Yes, Shelley and I trained lower body yesterday and although I was scared of starting, I was elated to get through the workout feeling so good! We did conventional deadlifts, squats, and hamstring ball bridges, polished off some bear-crawl planky things - I need a name for these and then I suggested cardio.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" said Shelley.
"What?" I replied, thinking "I'm already pasted, do you mean there's more?"
"What about shoulders, remember we spoke of training shoulders on Friday?"

What can I say, Shelley has a fantastic memory. So we grabbed two benches and grabbed 10kg weights and did a rather comfortable set of military presses.
"Phew, " I thought. "I'll get through this just fine."

"Now do you want me to spot you?" smiles Shelley.
Spotting? Uh oh, looks like this is going to get tough!

"OK, let's go".
So I grabbed the 12.5kg dumbbells. Start off well. Come on, you can do it. Six reps, looking strong. Seven or eight reps..."oh oh, I'm in trouble".
"C'mon" says Shelley.
"Grunt" says me.
"Nine" says Shelley.
"Expletive deleted....Hooooooowwwwwwwl!!!!!!!!" says I .

My turn to give her the same treatment. I'm yelling at the poor woman telling her to bring it. Then I realize that I'm really making a lot of noise in a very quiet gym and sounding like Ray "Rabbit" Warren. We had a good laugh about that!

Must have worked because I'm so sore this morning - in order, shoulders, glutes and quads. The shoulders have kicked in first but I can feel the glutes coming, especially after teaching another cracker RPM class.

Gosh training is fun!


Kek said...

You probably scared the crap out of all the other members - especially any newbies.


Kerry W said...

Training with a partner sounds like even more fun!

Lisa said...

I am loving your renewed approach to your training. I have fallen alseep twice this week before lunch after pasting myself each morning. I am feeling your pain.

ss2306 said...


Expletive deleted (lol).

Yes training is a lot of fun again.

LizN said...

Hey Kek, I don't think I scared anyone, only made some massive bloke who was hoinking around 25kg jobbies laugh :)
Lisa, yes, that's what it's all about training - I have to remember that more :)
Kerry - you'll have to go and train with Lisa... (hee hee )
Shelley - ow my shoulders :) Looking forward to Friday's instalment!

ss2306 said...

My glutes are just kickin' in now - ouch!

Kerry W said...

actually Liz...I'm rather enjoying reading about your pain (and Lisa's) at the moment...(hee hee)