Sunday, June 07, 2009

little catch up

Aaah, what a busy weekend - taught RPM yesterday morning and smashed it, saw two PT clients and then did an emergency locum at a pharmacy yesterday afternoon as well as working in a pharmacy today (I've taken on a shift once every two weeks). I have forgotten how tiring standing on your feet all day can be and the priority right now is to catch up on sleep.

An interesting thing I noted about the sleep deprivation program was that when you're sleep deprived you get really hungry. This weekend, I have really been particularly peckish - I have felt that no amount of food would fill the gap. I've sensibly filled up on more vegetables and lean protein, but I have to admit that the intensity of my hunger scared me a little bit this weekend as I've probably consumed almost 50% more than I would on a normal day! Think I'll just chalk that one up to mysterious bodily goings on and keep on keeping on.

Tomorrow is a Public Holiday here and I'll be working on programs and playing with my new Macbook. I have been so time poor lately and looking forward to a time where I can just hang out with myself and no distractions. The relative busyness and lack of sleep have even had me feeling less than enthused about doing any training so my agenda is sleep first, recreational time and then some training.


Kerry W said...

Hope you get plenty of shut-eye Liz. I know I'm a mess if I don't get much sleep. :)

Cheryl said...

Great plan Liz,a wise woman told me to take sometime out for myself..
Grin.. Maybe you should listen to her!

BTW you look great in the mag!

Kek said...

Amen to all that!