Monday, June 01, 2009

Fitness is a Gift!

Got some training in this morning - a 30 minute easy run, except I had to go a bit slower than my usual pace - it was a reminder to me not to take my fitness for granted. When you've been sick/unwell or had some time off it's hard to forget where you were before, but sometimes it's just best to start over. I also did some weights, left shoulder is still improving but a long way to go still.

I'm slowly making my way back to a consistent place after Friday - yesterday hubs and I went and chose the colour scheme for the house which I thought would be rather stressful, but turned out so much easier than I imagined - once we'd picked out a base colour, the rest just seemed to flow naturally. We didn't finish until 2.30pm and decided on a late lunch which put my nutrition planning out a bit - we ended up eating Indian which was enjoyable but not planned. For a minute I felt a pang of 'oh no I'm going off plan' but then decided that having Indian on a rare date I have alone with my hubby was a far more balanced choice than running all over town trying to find something that fit the bill. So I ate a small serve of everything, enjoying it, reminding myself that it's physiologically impossible to add body fat with a meal that doesn't always meet the requirements we desire.

I'm also working on getting more sleep and feeling better for it - nine hours Saturday and eight and a half hours last night. TOM has also made a visit so I reckon if I keep on the consistent path with everything I'll be feeling super in a day or two. Yahoo!

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Flea said...

Hi Liz, I totally agree on the sleep thing too, but I found that my day should not be long either, that means if I got to bed midnight and I think I'll sleep in 'till 8am or later, my prev day was still too long and I'm still tired. Early bedy beys works best for me, mind you it does make my dat very short but heck I'd rather not feel like crap the next. Lately I feel as if I have permanent TOMs.
Indian mmmmm love it!