Friday, June 19, 2009

Two girls, a rubberband,a glove and a funky tattoo!

(I feel like there should be "da na da na da na da na, da na da na da na da na...Batmannnnn!!!" music to match this photo)

Today I moved from being speedy to being strong (well in my own eyes!) and had the pleasure of training with Shelley today at FF, Jinders. I can't remember the last time I actually trained with someone (rather than training them) and it was awesome fun.

Now you might all be wondering how all the above ingredients figure into the mix - Shelley bought her Powerbands (I also have some, unopened from Filex) which we used to do assisted chin ups. I contributed one training glove to today's effort rather than two - anyone who knows me well knows I'm hopeless with keeping a pair of anything together and I got to see Shelley's tattoo update in the flesh - love the "strength" symbol!

We started off with 4 x 6 assisted chins - I was amazed by how well the Powerbands worked though after 4 sets things were starting to get dodgy - then it was onto 8/10/12 reps of Bent Over Barbell row - here Shelley whipped my butt, lifting 30 kg for the entire exercise with me giving in at 27.5kg (from memory)...I'm such a wuss bag! Then it was onto wide grip pull downs and by the third set of these suckers a tinge of nausea had started to set in.

"I'm actually feeling sick, " I said, grinning to Shelley.

Then after a quick water break it was onto unassisted tricep dips and out came my Inner Tiger - I nailed four unassisted (does the "I can't believe it" dance) but close grip bench presses were a different story, Shelley excelling at these whilst I sat and wept - I got to do narrow stance push ups instead - only managed two sets because by that stage my triceps had left the building and Shelley was left to pull me up by my saggy sorry butt.

We steathily found the Jinders FF microwave, heated up our respective post workout snacks and headed downstairs for a bit of a catch up. I had Paleo Pumpkin Cajun Spiced Beef and Shelley had this fantastic prawn, whiting and vegetable stirfry - hers looked so good that I was inspired to buy a kilo of prawns when I went to Woollies and a bucketload of calamari for dinner tonight - seafood and eat it!

I'm already to feel a bit of DOMS in the building, I'm just grateful that it wasn't legs with RPM and all in the morning!


Valley Girl said...

Your photos are lovely Liz, & I can't see any lines, all in your head, you look awesome for your age, out do lots of my teenage daughters friends actually & sadly.

Your foods both yours & shelleys had me drooling, I think I need to go cook my salmon.

Takecare, you look stunning!

Flea said...

I like this pic the best!!!!

SeLiNa said...

I was thinking more of the Chariots of Fire sountrack...
hee hee ;)

Michelle said...

Lovin' the photos!