Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taking Me Up to the Next Level...

of running speed that is!
This morning I surprised myself by jumping on the treadmill and running 11.4km in an hour. I did a mixture of intervals to come out at this number but I surprised myself with my speediness!
I'm going to pimp a few of my photos from Dallas today - I can't believe how many great shots I got and there are a few surprise shots in there that just might become my favourites. I'm really glad I had the photos done, the biggest surprise to me is how much I've 'aged' in the last three years. Although I'm nearly forty, I don't feel a stitch over 18, I don't have many photos taken, so it was a real surprise to see all these 'lines of expression', lol! However, that's not a bad thing I guess, it's all part of the journey.
In other news, we turned the first soil on our land today - we're having a swimming pool put in and the excavation started today. I think I'm going to start another blog just related to the house at some point and I'm still keen on my Wordpress project now that I've got some fantastic new photos that more accurately portray where I'm at right now.


Frankie said...

Age is nothing. You look health and vibrant (and I'm sure you feel like that too!).

SeLiNa said...


Looking good Miss Nearly 40 year old!!!

And how much fun was that!!!!!!!!!


ss2306 said...

Wow - they look fantastic Liz and look at that little butt!

How exciting that the houseworks are beginning.

Forty smorty - age doesn't matter, it's how you act. I want a lolly NOW, give me one (hehehe)

Shan said...

Wow, your pics come up really good. Hot looking legs there! I especially love the 2nd shot. I didn't notice any extra lines?? Exciting news with the house stuff starting!

Kerry W said...

Great pics Liz!...nice legs girl..WOOT WOOT! :-)

Bobbi Jo said...

The photos are great and you look beautiful and in incredible shape. Glad you were able to have the photos taken. I think us gals are all way too critical about our looks we are all beautiful in our own way. You just have an advantage of being in great shape.
What is the best way for a more mature gal to start getting into this kind of shape? Not that I would want to compete but I use to be a power lifter and have the legs to prove it! he he Can you give me some pointers? I would greatly appreciate it.
I would love reading about your house project that would be a fun read too.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo (

LizN said...

Hey thanks for the lovely comments girls.
Bobbi, I wasn't always in such great shape and will send you an email when I get a chance :)

Cherub said...

You look great Liz.

Hilary said...

You're looking fantastic Liz, you're only as old as you feel anyway!!

That is so exciting about the land.

Hilary xx

Raechelle said...

Great shots girl!

Lisa said...

Super pics Liz! You know that you can "fix" those lines :-)!!