Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joining the Slug Club!

Wow, I'm looking back on this week's training and can safely say I gave it a good whack this week.  This morning, I am in a world of pain!  I was grateful that we did no lower body work yesterday otherwise RPM would not have been a pretty picture.  That said I gave it everything I could muster this morning and actually started gaining a second wind on the second "Track 7".
Playlist this morning was:
"I Could Have Loved You More" RPM 42
"Hot and Cold" RPM 43
"Rocking for Myself" RPM 19
"Human" RPM 42
"Painkiller"  RPM 36
"Going Wrong" RPM 42
"Blood is Pumpin" RPM 20
"Inspiration" RPM 33
"Heaven" RPM 40
"Every Little Step" RPM 36
"Long and Winding Road" RPM 19

I know I'm having a grizzle about training, but not so secretly, I'm enjoying the push and reconnecting with what I love after a few tumultuous weeks of deciding where my life was going.

I'm also setting myself a little challenge and trying to plan ALL of my food out for a week - I have never been successful at this and I'm looking to do this more from a fiscal point of view than anything else.  Hubs and I just looked at the budget and we were blown away by the amount of money we've been spending on groceries per week.  I would be really keen to hear from everyone else what you spend on groceries.  This family of four eats $350 worth a week.  My aim is to get it down to $300.  Is this an insane amount or am I on the money and no, I won't be offended if you tell me I'm insane.


Kerry said...

HI Liz,

We are about the same as you, maybe a little more. It's more disturbing to me to find out how much we waste! I've always wanted to add it up, but maybe I'm too scared to.

ss2306 said...

Yep, you're insane (lol). I'd hate to tally up with our family of 4 spends but I know it's waaayyy over that.

Noice mix of rpm.

Heeellllooooo DOMS!!

Enjoy your slug day.

Shar said...

Hey Liz
RPM tracklist sounds great!!

With your shopping, we are a fam of 4 too, Paul and I and kids, 13 and 5.
On a full weekly shop,I think I'm near or just over $400 per week, this is something I'm trying to work on too, I have found it has increased since i started buying Organic and free range but this is an increase we are willing to except, I do feel there are areas I could limit though.
Also Paul and my 13 year old boy eat lots of food!! growth spurt?

$300 sounds a good target, especially if you shop smart and plan meals for the week, doing big cook ups and buying in bulk might help?

Shar x
WOW long response, should have e mailed :)

Cherub said...

Good food unfortunately doesn't come cheap.

For us five, we spend around $1200 a month. That doesn't include hubby's lunches. But it does include toiletries and some cleaning products (mostly I use Enjo).

My son is eating a huge amount these days and he isn't 10 yet, the girls aren't too far behind either.

If you find any ways to make savings that don't cost too much time - let me know.


Charlotte Orr said...

My family of four (two adults, a large dog and a cat) spends about $300 a week, but that's eating organic and buying 'green earth' products whenever possible. I do try and plan ahead for a week, and try to waste as little as possible (save vege offcuts to use in soup etc).