Friday, June 26, 2009

Heart went Boom and Triceps Left Town!

Another great whacker of a workout with Miss Shelley this morning, with photographic evidence of some of the pain and suffering I went through! You can check out Shelley's blog to see her "evidence" as well!
Here's how it went down:
Woke up this morning feeling very positive about life and ready to train hard. Got to the gym at about 9.45am (I'm loving these leisurely starts!) and did 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill which just flew by (I was listening to some of my favourite RPM tracks and they always get me going). Then Shelley turned up, also full of beans and it was game on.
"Do you want to smash it!"
"Do you want to get better?"
"Do you want to get f***ing huge"
"Hell yeah!!!"
So with these thoughts in mind it was off to do our band pull ups - I improved from 4 x 6 last week to 4 x 8 and Shelley improved in overall consistency on this lift. Then onto barbell bent over rows where I'm just blown out of the water here by Shelley, but still lifted more weight never the less. Feeling pasted, we move on to some wide grip lat pull downs - we're following an 8-10-12 protocol and by the last set my mind was telling me that I couldn't - but I looked at Shelley and thought "there's no way I'm giving in!". So safely through that one.
Then it was tricep time - I'm proud to say that I smashed out 6 unassisteds first go and Shelley got one as well. Go team. At some point there I was completely cactus and I said I can't do any more. Shelley said "is it your shoulder or are you just f**ked?" "Just f**ked" I reply - "oh," she said, "if I'd known that I would have just made you keep going!"
"Yikes," I thought..."Close call!"
We finished off with tricep push ups (me) and close grip bench (Shelley). By the time we'd finished, we were both pretty pasted and we marvelled at how we hear about others going for a few hard rounds of cardio after they finish their strength training. I know I got an incidental cardio workout after going so hard on the weights!
I left the gym feeling elated that we'd pushed each other so hard and we'd both improved on last week's effort. That is the wonderful thing about having a good training partner, they won't let you wig out on anything and achievement and improvement (as well as fun) is the aim of my game.
Had to make a hard right out of the car park to head home - wondered why I'd applied pressure to the steering wheel and the car wasn't moving - ah that was my arms so fatigued I was only imagining I was moving them! Yikes!
DOMS has been the theme of this week - I've done my usual roll out of bed in the mornings this past week going..."I'm so sore!".
Must be a slug after RPM this weekend and rest, because all the good stuff (change) happens when you allow your body time out to repair and rest.


ss2306 said...


Laughing about turning the steering wheel.

Kerry W said...

Hey...where are the face shots of you grimacing in pain? NO FUN! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz was wondering how you use the bands in conjuction with the pullup. I have yet to master a pullup so do they aid you in some way.

Frankie said...

gawd I feel old and decreprid. I gotta get my shite together.

LizN said...

Promise to have a shot of me collapsed on the floor at some stage!

T, the bands are called Powerbands - you just loop them under one knee and they assist you with your pull ups. They work well!

D said...

looks GREAT!!! wonder when I'll look anywhere near that??!! I think I'm too lazy!