Saturday, June 20, 2009

Power To The People!

Lately many of my posts have been running to a theme lately, namely that of self analysis and decision making, yes, it's been "all about me" this week which has been rather nice.  The reduced workload has already been making a positive impact and I've done things this week that I haven't done for ages (like potter my way through Woollies for an hour an a half, usually I'm a "smash and grab" type of shopper because I've been so darn busy).

This morning I woke up with some pretty amazing DOMS (thanks Shelley) and it occurred to me how much life can be enhanced by the presence of other people and how much inspiration I draw from the many people I cross paths with and how thankful I am for that inspiration.

 Today I taught my usual RPM Hi Performance class - I've been teaching this time slot for the last couple of years and I often wonder what brings the same members back time and time again without me totally boring them senseless.  To combat this, I have various "themes" I play on during class, for example, one week I may focus on slower climbing tracks, other weeks I really focus on speed work.  Today I spoke about "mental toughness" and maintaining tenacity and focus, even if you were having a moment where you thought your fatigue was going to win over the desire to complete the track strong etc.  I would never have been so inspired if I hadn't read Lisa's post about failure and selling yourself short.   I would never have been inspired if I hadn't trained back and triceps with Shelley yesterday and nailed those unassisted tricep dips (ie until I actually tried, I didn't have the belief that I could do it).

This afternoon as I had a look at various furniture stores for a potential dining table for our new home I was reminded of Kerryn's journey to her new home and on having a good potter around "Taste for the Love of Cooking",  I was inspired by Carolyn's creativity in the kitchen.

I am so glad I've had the opportunity to meet so many people through blogging and in the online world in general and would like to thank everyone who reads this blog and cares enough to leave a comment, and thank those who have complimented me on my photos.   To know that someone cares about what I write is fantastic, even if you don't all agree with me at times.  How cool do you think blogging is?

Sometimes it's all too easy to think that you can do it on your own - and yes, I guess you can climb the mountain solo if you want to - but heck I think I like the idea of sharing the view when I reach the top!


Stephanie Davis said...

ur welcome! ;) hehe. thank YOU for the self reflecting posts Liz, its all about you but we can all usually relate in some way and i always learn something new.

ss2306 said...

What an epiphany!

I'd much prefer to be holding hands whilst treking also, sharing the momentous occasions along the way and then partying with those I love the most at the top.

Now, if I can just inflict leg doms to you on Tuesday we'll see if you still think others enhance your life (hehehe).

Frankie said...

yep, blogging is THE best.

RaeC said...

I agree... blogging is AWESOME!! I cannot count the amount of friends I have made through blogging that I would never have gotten the opportunity to otherwise, yourself included, and I look forward to meeting many more!! xxx

Kerry W said...

Thanks for sharing your 'stuff' Liz. I really love reading your blog, and what you're thinking. Keep it coming. :)